When it comes to programming competitions and tournaments – Where is Poland situated?
21 July 2017

Poland is one of the countries that give IT specialists to the work market every year. Also, it is known the fact that as a nation Poland has many achievements in international programming competitions such as Google Code Jam, Facebook Hacker Cup and much more. Poland has already built up a reputation as a homeland of exceptionally gifted programmers. But some questions remain for the outsiders: why are they so good in this industry? And what are their results [...]

Important cities in Poland for tech and outsourcing
6 July 2017

Poland’s rise as one of the top locations on the global business services map is made possible due to investors rating it as a reliable and stable place to do business. The country is now an established part of a network of cross-border relations between international corporations and Polish companies providing business services. They find that having an office in Poland offers a competitive advantage and boosts their growth potential. We are going to take one by one the most [...]

Education system in Poland – at what we are specialists
6 July 2017

Poland has been pursuing a comprehensive series of education reforms since the early 1990s. Today our country serves as a model in Europe and globally on how to improve education to equip the next generation with real fundamental cognitive skills needed for 21st-century jobs. Still, Poland’s labor market is undergoing profound changes. First, with Poland’s population aging and decreasing in size, fewer workers will have to support more pensioners. Second, technological and structural change in the economics is modifying [...]

Polish Programmers Are Among the Best in The World
8 June 2017

How do the Polish firms compare in today's technological environment? Are we up to other countries regarding IT skills most sought by companies or are we still a long way to go? Thanks to the latest studies, we discovered that when it comes to producing good programmers, Poland is on the top of the list in the world. And this shouldn’t be such a surprise since we have a long tradition of brilliant mathematicians, logicians, chess players and Polish [...]

Enterprise solutions – About .NET Managed Applications
10 May 2017

Businesses today are looking to IT departments to justify their activities and to understand if IT either increases revenue or decreases the costs. To help IT departments align the costs with the objectives of the business, it is important to choose the right technology to develop strategic applications. The Microsoft® .NET development platform is well suited to this task. In this article, you will be presented with an overview of .NET and the benefits you gain after you start using [...]

JavaScript framework comparison – AngularJs, Vue.Js, Meteor.Js or Next.Js
9 May 2017

Java Scripts’s popularity is continuing to grow, and it's expanding its ecosystem of modern tools. For non-technical people, it can be sometimes hard to keep up and to filtrate the information about advantages vs. disadvantages of all the frameworks. This article presents some of the advances we see in this JavaScript’ community and extracts conclusions to help you and your team choose the right solutions for your needs. Here we have picked some of the JavaScript frameworks that you should [...]

Why is MeteorJS Your Best Choice for Building a Business?
13 April 2017

9 out of 10 startups will fail. The numbers are disappointing, but they should encourage entrepreneurs to work smarter. That's the only proven measure to understand whether the product will be a real success or something should immediately be affected. If the business environment demands an MVP which has to be developed with the speed of light, why not create it with Meteor? Meteor is the next generation of open source platforms for building real-time web apps in minimum time. [...]

Why GraphQL is the future
21 December 2016

On our last article, we discussed how Meteor is on the wave and what’s its big contribution for revolutionising the entire industry. Right now, the current plan for Meteor 1.5 seems to be to focus on GraphQL integration, among other important goals. By now you’ve almost certainly heard of GraphQL, an open-source data query language and runtime. What is GraphQL? Probably it is easier to start with what it isn’t. So GraphQL, despite the name and the connotations that might imply it [...]

Node JS Application Development – Building Fast, Scalable Applications
28 November 2016

As an open source cross-platform runtime environment written in JavaScript, Node JS is a breakthrough choice for real-time applications. Running JavaScript outside the browser turned programming with Node JS into a top choice for IT businesses when they consider web application development. Who is programming with Node JS and why they chose it? Node JS has been enjoying internet & web development companies attention ever since its launch back in 2009. Developers at Dow Jones started playing around with Node as [...]

Angular vs. React: To Compete or not to Compete?
30 September 2016

Recently, our team had to choose a technology for a new web application product, and the choices were ReactJS or AngularJS. We have experience with both and were struggling between the ease-of-use of Angular and the simplicity and architectural soundness of React. Going through this process, we thought you would also be interested in different benefits of each one. Angular and React are both means for building mobile or web applications that were both launched to enable and simplify the [...]