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Healthcare and Pharma

Working with private hospital chains and pharmaceutical companies, ITSG developed extensive expertise in healthcare domain. For our clients we’ve designed patient facing web interfaces with inPOS touchscreens, patient-doctor communicators, backend portals for patient management, billing systems with cost analyses and optimization modules, as well as appointment management and e-payment functionality.

Finance and Banking

 ITSG carried out complex Business Intelligence projects and designed solutions for leading financial intuitions (e.g.BGZ BNP Paribas, SEB, DZ Bank, Bank Millennium and FM Bank). We built solutions for e-commerce, sale and work force management, custom CRMs, scoring systems and compaign management.

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We’re experienced team of engineers and consultants dedicated to deliver you value from IT. Our team is made up of good people with deep technology & business experience.

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We make enterprise technologies work together with modern web frameworks.

  • We are METEOR.JS, REACT.JS and NODE.JS early adopters that enable us to serve our Clients in best possible way (ex. Our recent large project in METEOR.JS :  insightguides.com)
  • We design native mobile apps that work with legacy backends (ex. Mobile applications for hospital systems and taxi fleet dispatch systems)
  • We develop modern web interfaces in Angular.js for legacy solution (ex. Banking systems or hospital CRMs written in JAVA and .NET)

Despite different functions, all these implementations have in common complex business logic, mix of old and new technologies and cool user friendly UX designed by ITSG-Global team.