Meteor.js experts developing reliable web & mobile apps

Are you trying to deliver web or mobile apps but development takes too long, and your clients are asking for the finished product?

Build your app with us!


Why should you choose ITSG?

ITSG is a Meteor Official Partner and one of the few early adopters that are doing meteor programming and delivering complex applications using the Meteor framework.

Our specialists have over two 2 years of experience in using Meteor for building web & mobile applications from scratch.

What can ITSG build in Meteor js?

Web applications

Our Meteor experts can build web apps that are communicating instantly with the back-end and are responding immediately to the user input.

Mobile & Tablet apps

We can create the experiences that users expect across mobile and tablet devices: rich, reactive apps built entirely in JavaScript.

Platforms & Systems

Our specialists can develop platforms and systems on which other applications, processes or technologies can be developed.

What are the advantages of using ITSG to deliver your Meteor projects?

Ready to go developers

Good developers with experience in using the Meteor framework can be close to impossible to find. ITSG has an entire team of experts ready to start working on your Meteor based apps.

Lower development costs

ITSG’s Meteor specialists can help you lower your costs by more than 50%. We offer highly skilled and fully trained developers that can save valuable time and money.

See your app in Real-time

You and your clients can see the progress right away due to Meteor’s reactivity rendering. The result of an action is reflected by the browser/app immediately with no page reload time.

Lower maintenance costs

Our expertise in Meteor allows us to use fewer lines of code which simplifies further maintenance. Therefore, the introduction of new team members or vendors can be done fast and easy.

What projects has ITSG delivered by doing Meteor programming?

One of the most exciting projects we worked on is InsightGuides, a Meteor web development projects created from scratch using the Meteor framework.

InsightGuides partnered with us to help them build an innovative digital platform. Our top-notch experts in Meteor programming delivered an outstanding communication platform that connects travelers and local guides.

How can I get in touch with ITSG?

Let our Meteor expertise work in your favor. Drop us a line below and we’ll make sure your web and mobile apps are delivered faster and cheaper.