Team that delivers

Our team:

We’re experienced team of engineers and consultants dedicated to deliver you value from IT. Our team is made up of good People with deep technology & business experience.

  • We have developed and implemented complicated dedicated enterprise level software aimed at solving specific Clients needs or generic software to streamline business process.
  • We have vast experience in finance, energy, healthcare and pharma.
  • Our teams worked on projects such us: CRMs, Workflows, Transactional software, Billing and many others.

Meteor / Node.js Development

In many cases we would advice you to use Meteor as a software for your MVP. We are among a few early adopters which means extensive experience in this field. And it really gives you a number of advantages, most of all cost advantage as the time of go to market with Meteor is significantly lower… If you want to learn more Click here to read our Thoughts by our CTO….

Our Meteor team leaders and key consutants


.NET  Development

We provide high-end software services, with proven expertise in Microsoft .NET and Windows application development, enterprise applications, Microsoft product development, web-based application development, business productivity tools and consulting services. ITSG has been a Microsoft Gold Certified partner since 2006. Our Microsoft experts specialize in Microsoft .NET programming and application development, .NET application migration / conversion / porting and .NET application re-engineering.


JAVA /C++ and Mobile Development 

Extensive experience in designing and creating Java applications that range in size from mid-sized solutions to large-scale, enterprise-class sophisticated systems using cutting-edge enterprise Java and low level C++ development technologies which service a wide range of markets.

We design software applications for smart devices, mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices.

Key members have, on average, 9 years of solid, hands-on Java/C++ experience; some of our team members have worked in software development for 10-20 years.

Supporting teams


Deliver integrated, end-to-end IT solutions and services to help your business transform in the right way.


Build great user experience, our experienced and qualified web designers translate your vision into reality.

Security audit

Verify whether the application or the product is secured or not. The six basic security concepts are covered by security testing: confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, authorization and non-repudiation.


Our testing practice offers a comprehensive suite of software testing that spans across consulting, functional, automation, performance and specialized testing.