5 Reasons to Develop Your App with Meteor

1 September 2016

The key to Meteor is hinted in its name: speed. No wonder why since 2011, Meteor has gained a strong reputation among users, and it proved to be an ideal tool for rapid prototyping. Lately, developers have realized that Meteor is not just about prototyping anymore, it also comes in the package with ease of learning, cross-platform development and a code base on back and front end. There are so many reasons to choose Meteor, but we selected the five most important ones.

Meteor proves to be an astonishing productive framework for writing modern JavaScript apps. Until recently, the choice for developing a new web application was never too easy. Python, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript or PHP? All proved their capabilities, but Meteor gained all the benefits of the ones mentioned above and added some more. As an example, a simple app can be built in just an hour by someone who is familiar with JavaScript.

Meteor solves most of the problems experienced in development. That’s also possible due to Meteor’s ready to help community and other incredible resources that jump in with answers to potential development issues. Some worth mentioning are Crater, a Reddit-like site for keeping track of what’s happening in the world of Meteor, Evented Mind, a video training site and Kadira which is a Meteor performance tracking application.

Meteor is optimized for developers’ happiness and takes care of the little details. For instance, take a look at this code:


 <title>Name of Your Meteor App</title>



 {{> myAwesomeTemplate}}


<template name=”myAwesomeTemplate”>

 <p>Hello everyone.</p>


This proves Meteor’s interest in making the developer’s life a lot easier. Besides, Meteor automatically synchronizes data between all users in real time and allows workers to cooperate easily. The client and the server are deeply integrated and enable a so-called reactive UI. The user interface is changed automatically if data changes. In conclusion, developers get speed and hustle free application development.

Meteor is one of the easiest frameworks for beginners to learn.  One of the seven principles of Meteor is “Simplicity equals productivity”. This is exactly what you need if you don’t have prior experience with making web applications and can be an excellent choice for front-end developers looking to improve their skillset.

Meteor is perfect to build native mobile apps. It has full Cordova integration for building native based iOS and Android apps which in the end comes down to two points: performance and native look and feel.

This post only scratches the reasons to develop your next web app with Meteor. You’ll discover a lot more once you start working with Meteor, and speaking from experience, you’ll love it.

Photo source: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

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