Best Polish Universities for Computer Science

13 November 2017

Poland is one of the biggest development camps in the world. It has the best programmers, according to the latest programming tournaments and competitions results. The main reason why Poland is ranked so high is the educational system, which has some prestigious colleges – 6 universities are included in the QS World University Rankings 2016-2017,  and 11 are in the Top 100 for QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia rankings. There are more than 500 universities in the entire country, most in the private sector, but all of them have notable alumni.

Here are five of the highest ranked universities in Computer Science in Poland.

University of Warsaw 

Located in the Polish capital, University of Warsaw is currently ranked the 6th in the EECA ranking. It is the Poland’s largest university, with more than 50.000 students enrolled. The Computer Science Faculty is one of the most prestigious in the country. It is well known for the multiple prizes won by its students over time. The latest one was in October at the Academic Polish Championship in Teamwork organized at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Wrocław. The tradition continued, and for the second time, the team representing the University of Warsaw won the award. The representations of the nine groups selected to participate were excellent, and that is why they will all participate this month in the world finals organized in Zagreb.

Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw University of Technology is also included in the QS University Rankings as the 19th among the universities in EECA ranking. The institution has an intense research program focused almost exclusively on engineering and applied science. With over 30.000 students and highly educated professors, Politechnika Warszawska as it is known in Poland is the most significant engineering university in Poland. The institution has great success in attracting international students due to its study programs in English, available currently at nine Faculties. These courses are attractive for the Polish students too because they can improve their abilities and also their chance to enter the world’s labor market. In recent years, the graduates from Politechnika have become known for the impressive high percentage of Polish managers and executives.

Jagiellonian University

The country’s oldest university, Jagiellonian University is another prestigious educational institution in Poland also ranked as the 14th in the EECA ranking. The school established in the second largest cities in Poland, Krakow, has a long tradition of preparing the country’s leaders. The eminent researchers and the infrastructure make the institution one of the leading Polish scientific centers, collaborating with other major academic centers around the world. The Jagiellonian University started to attract more and more student after implementing The European Credit Transfer System, which enabled students to link their studies in Poland with those made in other European countries.

University of Wroclaw

Another historical university established back to 1702, University of Wroclaw, is ranked 52nd in the EECA rankings. It is the largest educational institution in the region and teaches over 40.000 students. The primary focus of the university is the scientific research, which helped its alumni won nine Nobel Prizes over the years. The institution has different exchange agreements with many higher education institutions in the world, which allows many graduates to have a multicultural experience during their studies. Another attraction for this university is the fact that it enables students to start their own businesses by providing pro bono entrepreneurial advice during the activities organized by The Academic Incubator of Entrepreneurship.

AGH University of Science and Technology

The last university we are mentioning in this article is AGH University of Science and Technology, ranked as the 60th in the EECA rankings. It has over 35.000 students enrolled in its 15 faculties, and it’s one of the most prestigious technical university in Poland, located in Kraków. The education offered by AGH university is highly appreciated and recognized by companies both in Poland and abroad. The fact that AGH University of Science and Technology is a leading Polish technical educational institution in the city for more than a hundred years is something well-known in Poland. Due to the excellent research and teaching staff, the first-class technological devices, the modern equipment and the close collaboration with the modern-technology companies, as well as the continuous care for the quality of education the university is an attraction for both students and businesses looking for high-qualified personnel.

The five universities mentioned are placed in the tier one cities, representing the significant centers of science and culture in Poland. Due to the fast access to highly qualified professionals and the development centers established here,  the cities are included in the top locations on the global business services map.  Poland keeps on growing according to the latest predictions, and it will be soon a noticeable destination for outsourcing. And the educational system is there to improve everything.

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