Building Travel Websites with Meteor framework

21 June 2016

Today when time to market is so important, and nobody likes to be late to erode the addressable market good technology choices are more important.

Meteor’s relevance for travel website builders stems from the fact that it allows creating a blazingly fast responsive solution for a smooth, seamless user experience.

More than 80% of prospects depend on online research to decide upon vacation destinations, based on reviews and information about the place which means that having a web presence it is a must nowadays. The quality of travel for all those adventurers out there has been facilitated by cutting edge travel websites that not only motivate a viewer to go to the lengths and breadths of the country, but also offer a lot of utility with travel-centric features.

What’s so special about Meteor?

When you’re building a travel website you want to make sure you concentrate on adding value for the visitors, not on how it’s going to run, scale, or be monitored. Meteor features some real valuable tools and features with the purpose to engage the customer in the shopping or booking experience (planning itineraries, receiving reviews, recommendations, sharing experiences in a secure online environment and so on).

Whether you wish to create a content-centric travel website or a dedicated website for a travel-centric business, Meteor has you covered. It’s so easy to develop and deploy Meteor apps, so trust Meteor because your application will end up being one of the most favorite websites ever.

The future is in “real-time” apps

Real-time is the framework’s big selling point right now, and Meteor can be seen as your alias when it comes to that. Especially in this field, Meteor can develop much more practical applications and in fact, it could very well become the default way we build web apps within a couple of years.

A travel website is a 24 hour a day representative. Make sure you dress it for success by spending the necessary time to give it the most professional appearance possible. ITSG can help you get started with Meteor. Learn more about our expertise here.

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