6 April 2022

Enterprise software development

Advanced Team Extension, Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise application software is a term used to describe a computer software used for big, mature companies that have grown too big to be managed manually. Those companies need a specific type of software that will interdisciplinarily cover different parts of business and a wide variety of operations. Setting up a high quality EAS is a challenge that requires great communication between the client and the team. Trust and mutual understanding are a must, also…

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22 February 2022

Software development outsourcing made in Poland

Advanced Team Extension

When a company chooses to have their project developed by a third party it’s called outsourcing and it provides many advantages. The most obvious benefit is cost reduction, since one does not have to find and recruit specialists in a specific technology but can just find them and hire for a project. It makes plenty of sense with new languages and methodologies being introduced and necessary for particular operations. Outsourcing became a global strategy that…

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21 October 2021

The Developer is the limit

Advanced Team Extension, Modern Frontend

With some job positions empty for a longer period of time the question arises - do we have enough developers on the market? The answer is… well, complicated.  According to the latest labor statistics it’s estimated that companies worldwide lack 40mln of skilled talents and in the next 10 years that number will be doubled. That might bring losses of $8.4 trillion in revenue. The assumption is that the number of developers is too low…

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11 October 2021

Coding bootcamps and the Gen Ziers

Advanced Team Extension

Long gone are the times when becoming a software engineer required enrolling in a four-year long education programme. Bootcamps were the game changers when it came to providing necessary skills for eager Gen Ziers, ready to enter the market and perform their job just fine without the costly and time consuming degree.    HOW TO LEARN NEW SKILLS According to HackerRank’s 2020 Developer Skills Report C is the language that is the most popular to learn…

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31 August 2021

Benefits of studying in Poland

Advanced Team Extension

According to QS Best Student Cities 2019, Warsaw made the top 50 of best places in the world to study in, while both Kraków and Wrocław took respectable 104 and 108 positions. Poland is well-known to be an affordable destination for students who want to combine getting high-level education with reasonable expenses. Students who have participated in the Erasmus programme are generally happy with their experience in Poland, since the country gives multiple options for…

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