19 September 2023

Business Process Optimization

Business, Custom Software Development

In the modern business environment, organizations and their leaders must stay agile and open to new concepts if interested in keeping pace with their existing and potential competitors. Fortunately, business process optimization is well-known to be a powerful tool that helps to unlock the full potential and simultaneously gain the needed advantage. Product and service innovation is an obvious necessity to remain relevant in the contemporary world. Process optimation is a key factor in obtaining…

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14 June 2022

Prototype based rapid application development

Advanced Team Extension, Custom Software Development

Rapid application development is an innovative approach to create an app or website while being focused on the end-user experience. The main point of this method is to improve the design and functionality of the product by creating and updating prototypes until the client is satisfied with the final result after multiple testing stages. The process is divided into three steps, the first one being, as the name suggests, prototyping. A prototype is basically a…

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7 March 2022

Do you need data intensive software and why the answer is yes?

Custom Software Development, IoT / Industry 4.0

Data intensive computing is a term forged to describe processing large volumes of data (usually terabytes or petabytes) generated every day and referred to as Big Data. The amount of data generated today is insane and therefore traditional ways of analyzing them are out of the question. HOW DOES IT WORK Dealing with big data brings up a lot of questions - how to ensure the correctness and completeness of accumulated data, how to scale…

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1 February 2022

So you own your startup, what now?

Custom Software Development, Digital Transformation

Owning a business can be quite overwhelming, particularly when you are on a budget and at the same time there are many things that have to be done and paid for. Your goal is optimize your costs while giving your clients the best experience possible, so they keep going back and provide good recommendations. In many cases, you don’t necessarily need an IT department, at least not immediately. Owning one generates plenty of costs before…

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21 December 2021

Order Management & Tracking System Dev for Brokerage Company

Custom Software Development, Digital Transformation

Rusak Business Services is a customs agency in Poland ranked as the best one by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. The company provides expert-level support in customs services and has been on the market for the last 30 years.  ITSG has been asked to prepare an Order Management & Tracking System. The idea was to implement a structured workflow including a functionality of digital data exchange that was supposed to be used for the main operations of…

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9 December 2021

How is cloud technology enhancing health and care in healthcare

Custom Software Development

  The scale in which cloud computing is influencing healthcare is enormous and the interest is expected to grow in the upcoming years, especially since COVID-19 pandemics was an impulse for massive changes in how medical data are currently processed. The healthcare industry as a whole should see by now the advantages of having its data available in the cloud, but if you are still not entirely sure about that, let me be your guide. …

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