31 March 2016

doctorsIn 2010 we started our co-operation with the leader of the private medical services market in Poland (*Due to NDA, we are unable to mention and/or use our client’s name) and forms a part of a renowned international organization, serving 22 million plus Customers in over 190 countries. The group employs about 12,500 people (including more than 5,000 physicians of a few dozen specializations). It provides care to over 1,600,000 Patients and owns a network of more than 192 own facilities, also cooperating with about 1,600 partner clinics all over Poland. Due to the rapid growth of the company since 2007, their growing demand for maintaining a premium product on the market which created a problem with managing their key business process- patient service. ITSG-GLOBAL embarked on creating a few solutions to manage their ever growing problems.

The company’s first problem was their patient’s portal, they needed to create a brand new channel of contact for patients in order to give them the possibility to reach the closest health care centers via the internet. They needed to be able to search for centers, check the doctor’s availability on any given day and/or time, then to book and/or cancel appointments, check lab test results, and the patient’s personal data. We also added the ability for patients to check-in and to schedule an appointment using touch screen monitors in every reception. By implementing the touch screens, it has resulted in an increase in service efficiency and a reduction of wait times for patients.

Screen shot from iOS platform
Screen shot from iOS platform

The second problem that our client had, was not being able to be in constant contact with their corporate clients. Since most corporations provide private health care to their employees, the corporations need to be able to manage their company’s packages, etc. In addition, they wanted to create a clear and strong channel of communication between its clients. They also needed a system that the corporations were able to send documents and, to exchange information with the client’s caterers.

ITSG-GLOBAL solved their problems by creating a patient’s portal that was according to our client’s expectations. In addition to creating their website, we also created an application that was designed to be ergonomic, easy to use by all demographics and, had a user-friendly interface (GUI- Graphic User Interface), it is compatible on Android and iOS systems which was built in native language. This system is being used by over 8 thousand employees. The technology that we used was: .NET

If you are interested in learning more about how ITSG-GLOBAL can solve your company’s problems, please feel free to contact me directly:

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Business Development Manager


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