Java Scripts’s popularity is continuing to grow, and it’s expanding its ecosystem of modern tools. For non-technical people, it can be sometimes hard to keep up and to filtrate the information about advantages vs. disadvantages of all the frameworks. This article presents some of the advances we see in this JavaScript’ community and extracts conclusions to help you and your team choose the right solutions for your needs.

Here we have picked some of the JavaScript frameworks that you should know in 2017:

Angular remains very popular.

This framework comes with exceptional advantages for startups and mid-sized companies: quick code production, easy testing of apps and two-way data binding (which means that the backend will immediately have effects on the UI). It is very popular in the community of the developers, and that’s why it’s reasonable to name it – the most used Js framework for Single-Page-Applications (SPAs). The latest version, Angular JS 2 has gained popularity in the quick time since September 14, 2016. Angular became a good choice for some important players, such as Google, Youtube, Nike, General Motors, Guardian or Huffington Post. It could also be a useful instrument for you if you are thinking to build a complex web front-end application and you need it for a strict programming environment with high standards for code readability.

Vue.js could be the new world.

Vue.js comes with facilities like two-way data binding and virtual DOM. Vue.js is relatively new, the library was released in 2013, but not many businesses took it very seriously into consideration for the next two years. It was 2016 when Vue.js gained more attention that it’s now seen as an alternative for such as Angular or React. Vue.js is a library for building web interfaces,  websites such as,, already used it the framework.

Next.js, the vision of universal JavaScript apps.

Next.js is amazing for quick MVPs these days. It isn’t just another new JavaScript framework. It is one of a growing number of instruments that decreases the complexity of building apps based on React. Instead of giving the developer unlimited options, it exists as a set of pre-made decisions.

Meteor.js, one of the most appreciated tools.

Meteor.js is aiming to become the fastest easiest way to build complex web apps and secondarily mobile apps. The framework is a multi-purpose tool, which has its advantages and disadvantages in comparison to Angular, React, and other JS-based technologies. Right now, Meteor.js also among the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Because, using Meteor.js, you can build both frontend and backend components for an application. It’s true that Meteor it’s created for full-stack developers who know JavaScript and want to write their client-side and server-side code using the same language, but if you want to develop the first mobile application, you could also use this framework.

Who wins?

As a business owner, set up initial company goals, requirements, needs, and functionalities and identify what enables you to be relevant and competitive in your industry. The modern companies need to be able to embrace fast-moving changes, which also implies the need to accept fast-moving change within frameworks like Meteor.Js that make the application development simple and powerful. Choose that framework which elegantly separates controller, business and model logic in your application.

Our team can help you find the best tools and instruments for your business. If you need advice, please contact us here.

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