11 May 2016

Out of the countless new frameworks that appeared in the last couple of years, there is one that should get any CTO’s attention: Meteor.

Meteor is a full-stack, JavaScript platform for developing web and mobile applications. It supports the whole development process, from creating applications to deployment.

This framework is the best option when you want to save time and resources, since a front-end developer can work comfortably on the back-end without needing to switch between languages.

If you’re not convinced that you should choose the Meteor framework for your next app development project, check out the list of key benefits below:

Meteor provides a smooth user experience

The Meteor framework supports JavaScript work from front to back, across all platforms. It also packages database management and API endpoints. This way, developers can focus on building apps with unique functions.

Moreover, it supports the integration of applications with the database, allowing you to do a query of data exactly as running it directly on the server.  

It’s simple to learn and use

The main reason why Meteor is classified as “easy” is due to the fact you need to know a single programming language (JavaScript) to create mobile and web apps. At the same time, the smooth user experience and the fact that you have access to a ton of community-made resources eases the learning process.

It’s developer friendly

With Meteor, developers work with radically less code than on other frameworks. Therefore, maintenance costs are significantly reduced. At the same time, it includes a LiveRoad feature so that you won’t have to refresh the browser manually.

Allows real-time development

Meteor is an entirely real-time development framework, which means that database changes are automatically reflected in the browser. Moreover, it automatically refreshes just the necessary DOM elements on the page, without reloading it. This happens even when there are dependent changes to data on the back-end or front-end.

Interested in learning more about Meteor?

We are one of the few early adopters of the Meteor framework and an Official Meteor Partner with a full team of experienced developers in Meteor app development. Our specialists can help you understand and take advantage of the Meteor’s features or deliver your existing Meteor projects.

Learn more about our capabilities here: http://itsg-global.com/en/meteor-app-development/

Image source: forbes.com

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