8 June 2017

How do the Polish firms compare in today’s technological environment? Are we up to other countries regarding IT skills most sought by companies or are we still a long way to go? Thanks to the latest studies, we discovered that when it comes to producing good programmers, Poland is on the top of the list in the world. And this shouldn’t be such a surprise since we have a long tradition of brilliant mathematicians, logicians, chess players and Polish names are on the table when international players want to hire specialists.

In fact, some of the teams and individual programmers have been named the best in the world.

A stable economy with a dynamically growing IT market

Year after year our country is called the best location for outsourcing. Poland is the first place in Europe and ten in the World (with activities mostly in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Katowice, and Lodz). Two years ago, KPMG provided a report that showed Poland in the first place in Europe. Last year we kept the position of the best European country for outsourcing, shows the A.T. Kearney report. These were taking into consideration: the financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, and business environment.

Not to mention here the advantages of Poland which makes it a great place for investors: stable economic situation, cultural similarities, high education level, low taxes, foreign languages skills.

It is now on the Polish side to take the benefits from these classifications, but there are some good premises to keep it this way for at least five years.

1 / Strong education background – Both math and programming

Poland is becoming a popular study destination, with more than 46.000 international students. Besides, Polish tech universities graduate over 15.000 new specialists annually. These numbers prove that Poland can be called next software development hub that is at the top of cutting-edge technologies. More than that, the top-notch Polish universities attract talented young people from all over the world because of the excellent reputation and low-cost of living.

What’s more, Warsaw University of Technology features in the QS University Rankings, and it’s ranked 18th among universities in Emerging Europe and also Central Asia. One more reason why companies and start-ups decide to outsource their development to our country. Also, Lodz University partners with nearly 400 other institutions all over the world and is very close to feature in the international rankings

2 / Small Culture Gap

One of the greatest advantages of outsourcing in Poland is that there is practically no cultural gap, compared to Asia or India. Polish children learn English in schools, and that’s why there’s a high level of English speaking graduates that emerge fluent in the language.

Language barriers can be a huge communication gap when outsourcing, and, although there is a good level of English speaking developers. The favourable proximity and relatively smaller cultural difference mean that Poland is fast becoming a more popular choice.

Outsourcing to Poland means that there is practically no time difference. Poland is also in a favourable time zone, meaning that all teams can work together at the same time, in the same language. Even for companies based in the US, management decides to work a few hours later when outsourcing to Poland.

3 / Very competitive environment

Competitive programming has increased in the recent years, and the coders and engineers are doing very well at it. Poland wins in Java challenges; mainly it seems that Java is the preferred language amongst most of the users.

So what are your options?

IT in Poland is going stronger and stronger from year to year. Many of global tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, HP, Cisco, Nokia have Polish offices with Research & Development departments, and the rest will soon follow as well.

The readiness of organization is very much apparent when seeking to outsource to Poland. If you’re a small or medium sized company looking for a development team for the first time, then a nearby destination like Poland is almost certainly the best bet:

Photo source: pexels.com

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