2 September 2014

All students that spent 2 summer months on internship in Mansourcing (member of ITSG) were offered long-term position at the company. Young people got the best out of the “IT in business @cademy KPT -Mansourcing” project.

All interns are students or alumni of Kielce University of Technology.

We’re very pleased with the cooperation with our interns. All of them performed really well, so we’ve decided to offer them jobs. Now they’re going to be engaged in ongoing projects.

– says Janusz Dreziński, CEO of Mansourcing.

New employees will join developer teams that work on mobile and web applications, Enterprise systems and EU projects. While evaluating their internships, students accentuated how many practical skills they gained during past 2 months.

Practical knowledge required here differs significantly from what we’ve studied at the university. It’s completely different in practice. We’ve learned many things we’d never come across in school. Higher education is a foundation, but practice is what really counts when looking for a job and we could gain needed knowledge and skills during the internship.

– says Mariusz Bilina, one of the interns.
Young programmers emphasize that good atmosphere is also very important at work.

We work together with other employees and already feel we’re part of the team.

–Paweł Giemza assures.
KPT’s Director Szymon Mazurkiewicz is also very pleased with the outcome of the project.

We’re happy that thanks to our help young people got the experience they need and now have the chance for stable employment. We’re satisfied to hear that all of them were offered jobs. It shows how necessary are projects like „IT in business @cademy”

Project „IT in business @cademy KPT-Mansourcing” realized by KPT, Mansourcing and Kielce’s colleges is an answer to the needs of IT companies that struggle to find employees, despite large number of alumni.
Article comes from the KPT’s website.

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