The best 5 Features of Meteor.js

26 August 2016

Meteor.js is one of the most talked about frameworks in the continuously evolving technology landscape for full stack web and hybrid app development. Until recently we were comfortable browsing the web through individual browser sessions, but Meteor.js demands a new architecture of hybrid applications for connected or cloud clients.

Let’s see exactly what are the best 5 features of Meteor.

  1. Development ecosystem. Meteor makes developing applications efficient, and it provides all the tools for the application development life cycle, from setup and configuration to API and deployment. Meteor simplifies the process because it is an open-source isomorphic development ecosystem (IDevE) for building real-time web applications from scratch with nothing but JavaScript.
  1. Full stack solution. Meteor comes with several built-in features that contain frontend libraries, an NODE.js based server, and a command line tool. Even though Meteor is still young, we can take advantage of a complete client-side and server-side solution, integrated, whereas other solutions are most often one or the other.
  1. Database Integration. Meteor ecosystem offers MongoDB database as well as a Minimongo, which is written entirely in JavaScript. With a Mongo API, the pages reload faster, and the updates are easier implemented.
  1. Front-end reactivity. The front-end reactivity offered by Meteor is among the best-in-class, and it speeds up development time on projects immensely. It offers an isomorphic APIs that communicates between front-end and back-end, allowing to handle client-server management and server-session management without hassle. Besides, data communication between client and server happens automatically without having to write any code.
  1. Live Reload. After any development changes on front-end, they are automatically reloaded on the live web page. Live reloading allows refreshing only the required DOM elements on the web page without making an entire page to reload.

Meteor.js is soon to become the ideal JavaScript development platform.

Meteor is amongst the first wave of these tools and its “all in one” approach is surely going to make it a big player in the coming years, being important for developers and even greater for end users. Make sure you are on track and get all the benefits of it.

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