Using Meteor to launch a start-up

26 May 2016

According to statistics, 90% of businesses fail within 12-18 months. The main reason for not being able to succeed is that startups create products that have no chance on the market.

Startups should have a clear path that generates revenues, and entrepreneurs always have to keep an eye on what works and what isn’t vital for their customers. To make things easier, startups have to choose an all-in-one tool that uses familiar technologies, and that helps them test the business idea as fast as possible. Tech startups are the luckiest here since by creating a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), they can measure the audience’s response in real-time. If the market demands products designed with the speed of the light, then why not build them with Meteor?

Meteor is a game-changing framework for rapid software development which makes it a go-for-it chance for startups. It is designed to make programming easier so that the entrepreneur focuses on the business part of the startup.

Meteor’s strong reputation and a fast growing community

The open internet community around Meteor comes with more than 15.000+ Meteor related questions and over 5.000 unique installations. This means that Meteor has a strong reputation which supports the most challenging tasks for new startups.

Why is Meteor the best choice?

MeteorJS can make a web or mobile startup idea a reality in less than a month. The faster a product can be developed, the sooner it can be seen if the idea is worth investing in. Web or mobile prototypes can be designed in just a couple of days, which can be extended later on in large applications.

Meteor makes developing web applications simple. It is considered by specialists one of the most complex cross-platform which in return reduces the amount of work and time needed to create web, Android or iOS applications.

On the other hand, writing an app with MeteorJS requires experience with only one programming language: JavaScript. The same language you use to set up a jQuery slider plugin can be used to query the apps’ database. This is a powerful benefit. The app has a single code base – meaning that you can make it accessible to both the client and the server if you need to. Moreover, after implementing a simple DDP protocol, you can connect native mobile apps, databases and even a microprocessor to Meteor.

Great startups and apps built with Meteor

Even though it is a relatively new framework, lots of startups are already using Meteor, including large-scale companies, without any regrets. Telescope was the first Meteor project, a free open-source community app that makes it easy for anybody to launch their Product Hunt and Hacker News. Pintask is another successful project, very similar to Trello and where the user has access to features such as the ability to write their extensions using nothing but Meteor API and some JavaScript. Meteor is worth exploring by scientists too since they found a strong alias in Meteor and created Liquid, a website and mobile app to quickly collect, analyze and collaborate on data in real time.

Choose the right weapons

So if you are struggling with difficulties in selecting the perfect technologies for building your startup, then be sure that Meteor proves to be one of the smartest decisions to release the product on the market.

Looking for a team of skilled MeteorJS developers to implement your start-up idea? Choose ITSG to release your business idea in the shortest terms possible.

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