Web Application Development – Much more easy with AngularJS

4 August 2016

Recent years brought big changes on the technology landscape, and web development has become very popular in all corners of the world. Today there are over one billion websites with an average of 16 M websites added every month, web design industry reaching $20.1 Billion.

Helped by today’s technology, developers find every day new and easier ways to create their masterpieces.

Angular JS is the next generation of JavaScript framework which makes front-end development much easier than most of the existing frameworks. Angular JS is designed so that each tool works with one another in a complementary way.

How can AngularJS improve the way you build!

Implements MVC in the right way!  Unlike most frameworks which require you to split your application into MVC components and then write the code to put them back together, AngularJS does that for you.

An intuitive interface! AngularJS uses HTML to outline user’s interface. HTML is much more durable since it’s a more intuitive language and a less fragile interface.

Data models are POJO! Data models in AngularJS don’t require setter utility, and, unlike traditional data models that are accountable for server syncing and data constancy, being plain objects, AngularJS’s data or scopes, perform as a temporary storage domain. Angular tracks any permutation of their properties and makes all the updates automatically.

Has flexible filters! Filters refine data before they reach the view, implement pagination and refine an array based on a parameter.

Less code writing! In Angular JS, directives are independent of app code, so you don’t have to write the code yourself. Also, AngularJS filters let you manage data on the view level without switching your controllers.

More functionality! HTML becomes your template allowing you a straight administration and extension of DOM elements.

Testing at your fingertips!  Any JavaScript code needs to run through a robust set of testing, which AngularJS is built for. Having an end-to-end and unit test runner setup, it allows an easy evaluation.

AngularJS is currently being used by over 300 000 websites across the globe and represents the future of web development. Building websites easy, quick and more efficiently is something every web developer dreams of, and this JavaScript framework might be a dream come true.

What about you? What’s your experience with AngularJS?

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