13 April 2017

9 out of 10 startups will fail. The numbers are disappointing, but they should encourage entrepreneurs to work smarter. That’s the only proven measure to understand whether the product will be a real success or something should immediately be affected. If the business environment demands an MVP which has to be developed with the speed of light, why not create it with Meteor?

Meteor is the next generation of open source platforms for building real-time web apps in minimum time. It aims to make all the hard tech work for you so that you could concentrate on the business part of your company. MeteorJS can make your web startup idea a reality in less than a month. Meteor.js framework fulfills much of the requirements of modern developers, and it assists businesses in developing real-time web apps.

The big advantages of Meteor

Fast development. The platform wasn’t named Meteor for anything. On top of that, creating prototypes in a couple of days, MVPs in a week, production-ready apps in several months and creating them into large web applications later is what MeteorJS is ideal for.

Fewer developers. Writing an app with MeteorJS requires expertise with only one programming language – JavaScript. With its ability to produce cross-platform code, MeteorJS strikingly reduces the amount of time you’ll need to develop web, Android, and iOS applications.

Quicker time to market. Though, if you are still asking yourself if MeteorJS is useful for building your business – a web application, the answer is definitely yes. If you are looking for a compact tool that uses an extremely modern technology and doesn’t take much time to learn to test your business idea in the shortest terms possible, be sure to use MeteorJS. You won’t regret building an MVP with Meteor.

Real-time by default. Meteor is built from the ground up to support real-time apps. Facebook and Twitter have moved to a real-time web environment because it is evitable that the users will start expecting real-time web applications. But, the problem is in building real-time web applications as the process is quite tricky. Everyone is looking for a common framework that can be utilized for the web and mobile – to save time and effort.

Ship more with less code. From a management standpoint, any business looking to transition would do well, but you should have the tools to help you have a perfect result. Meteor is designed for implementing speedy changes, creating prototypes and developing your start-up product. Thanks to an integrated JavaScript stack that extends from the database to the end user’s screen, you can accomplish in 10 lines what would otherwise take 1000.

Build apps for any device. Meteor has been created to work across different platforms – your simple to-do list website can become an iOS or Android app in just a few commands. Meteor is also reactive, meaning that the change to your data is automatically reflected everywhere throughout the app (including the user interface) without the need for call-backs. This is a powerful feature.

Then, why wait?

Meteor is a project to keep tabs on — it’s got an all-star team. Looking for a team of skilled MeteorJS developers to implement your wildest startup ideas? ITSG can help you developing React/Appollo/Graphql/Meteor stack.

Photo source: pixabay.com

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