Has strong IT
and business

Andrzej Wodnicki

Partner, Managing Director

Warsaw, London

Has extensive experience in business consulting working for such companies as Deloitte Consulting (former Andersen), IMS Management Consulting and MDDP Business Consulting. Graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics and has been qualified by Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

Cezary Dmowski

Partner, CTO

Warsaw, Boston, London

Has been working in IT for over a decade. Started his career at McKinsey & Company as a technical consultant. Graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, majoring in engineering of decision supporting systems.


Facts and figures

We have proven experience to help our Client to unlock value from technology advantage


We have over 14 years in Software Development.


Our consultants have extensive knowledge of technology but above all about industry they are working in.


We have successfully implemented over 500 IT projects for over 50 Clients.


We are early adopters of newest technologies such us Meteor.JS, React, Node.JS that enable us to serve our Clients in best possible way.


We have 4 locations where we serve our Clients: Warsaw, Cambridge, Zurich and Berlin.


We are experts in test drives. Often uncertaintly is our advantage. We do not demand our Clients to know exactly what they want. We do test drives to allow them to choose what they want.


We have extensive experience in working with our Clients at their sites as well as online using state of the art tools to deliver quality results.


What matters for us is not the brand name of our Client, but what is to be achieved. We dedicate resources based on specific Client needs to make sure all possible hands are on board.

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