We build high performance
  • web solutions
  • mobile apps
  • data solutions
  • cloud systems
by delivering successful software projects on scale.


Projects delivered
Years in Business
Sales and consulting offices in USA, UK, Austria, Switzerland and Poland

Unlock value with trusted IT partner

We are experts in modern technologies. We will help you innovate and deliver more.

Benefits of working with us

Reduce labor costs

We have the right people fully trained and up to date on the latest
technologies – you pay just for the delivered product/solution.

Reduce risks

We’ll assume and manage this risk for you,
preventing you from implementing a costly decision.

Quicker time to market

We have multiple resources ready to go,
therefore starting new projects or developing new solutions won’t be delayed.

Increase efficiency

We will give you entire staff of proficient IT professionals
for a fraction of what you usually would pay.

Focus on your core business

We can help you shift your focus from non-core
activities toward work that adds value to your business.

Control capital costs

Reduce your cost of ownership, by accelerating time to market
and ability to deliver new IT solutions.

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