Rapid Idea to Market

We Deliver

Digital business model

  • Digital strategy (why & what)
  • Digital customer experience
  • Enablers and tools
  • Product and process design
  • People and Culture alignment

Minimum Viable Product

  • Initial product & concept
  • Visual design and FE
  • Customer validation
  • Business process and BE build up
  • From MVP to Product Delivery

Start up speed

  • Quick and dirty design
  • Agile implementation
  • Efficient technology stack
  • Effective team alignment

Testing & scaling

  • From beta version to 1.0
  • Iterative improvement
  • Feedback loop implementation
  • Customer driven design

Get in the digital

Integration of digital technology with all business processes allows you to focus on scaling your business, adapt to the market changes quicker and enhance the customer experience. It's a digital speedboat which is leaving now and it's your decision if you're on or not.

Faster time to market due to
hi-proficient, cross-functional teams.


Industry knowledge

Consultants with extensive


Technical knowledge

Analysts, programmers and
testers, database and systems


Graphic design/UX

Graphic and UX designers



An interdisciplinary team led by a team leader, supported by newest technologies and working in agile methodology



Quality and compliance assurance
Performance tests and scaling
Efficient service desk
Post-implementation procedures and processes

Why US?


We've successfully helped several startups in leveraging digital technologies in their business, as evidenced by our extensive portfolio.


Our team is highly experienced, we've achieved great successes, but also failures - from which we have learned a lot.


We're a full-fledged company. We have a diverse team of engineers, designers and project managers - this increases the efficiency of operations and the chances of success.

Meet Our Expert

Andrzej Wodnicki

Partner, Managing Director

Using extensive experience in business consulting I work with companies on the effective use of modern technologies in business.

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