GenAI Accelerator: A 6-Week Program to start improving your business

Pilot Gen AI technology into your business processes and products.

What is GenAI Accelerator?

If you know how to leverage your business with GenAI technology (ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E, CoPilot, agents, etc.) this programme is not for you.

If you care about your business and look forward to be ahead of your competitor then you definitely should consider getting yourself familiar with Gen AI.

We deliver 6 week program full of workshops and technology ending with PoC and game plan for you
to make the educated decision on how if at all Gen AI technology can leverage your business.

What GenAI Accelerator offers

Tailored Journeys in Generative AI

Wondering how to aptly incorporate generative AI in your organization’s strategy? GenAI Accelerator is architected to deliver structured sprints and activities, custom-fitted for your distributed teams.


Clarity: Obtain a lucid understanding of generative AI applications aligned to your industry and operational function.

Discovery: Uncover tailor-made opportunities that resonate with your business specifics and tech stack.

PoC & Prototyping: Test the waters with Proof of Concepts and prototypes built on your real data to validate generative AI applications.

Game Plan: Complete the program armed with an actionable generative AI strategy and a prioritized execution roadmap.


Six-Week Expedited Turnaround:

Before start: Launch and Needs Assessment

Week 1: Industry and Tech Reconnaissance and Drafting the Game Plan

Week 2-5: Prototyping

Week 6: Strategy Fine-Tuning and Initial Execution Plan



Craftsmanship and Hands-on approach

Our approach blends creativity with trying to build something that works, ensuring each phase – from discovery to decision – is robust yet agile.

Tech Arsenal

Gain the upper hand with expert mentorship and advice from industry frontrunners.

Joint Team Structure


We do not only talk about Gen AI, we live Gen AI. ITSG Global was among one of the early adopters and innovators in the field of Gen AI. We not only claim we know, we already deployed a nr of business solutions utilizing our tech heavy Gen AI Solutions both internally and for our Customer.

We offer thought leadership delivered through a roster of highly skilled professionals, each with hands-on experience across a multitude of industries. Our expertise is uniquely tailored and spans five key areas:

Digital Modernization: Elevating legacy systems to agile solutions.

Enterprise Innovation: Fostering resilience and growth in a digital landscape.

Customer Engagement: Leveraging data insights for robust customer relations.

AI-Enhanced Development: Amplifying software development through AI.

Talent Strategy: Optimizing human capital for peak performance.


FAQ Suite

What about getting full organizational buy-in for adopting generative AI?

Your organization’s buy-in is crucial, indeed. We start with a needs assessment and align it to your strategic imperatives. This method sets the stage for organizational consensus, making the GenAI Accelerator not just a tech addition but a business asset.

Is the ROI going to justify the upfront investment?

Our GenAI Accelerator program focuses on targeted, quick-win projects with measurable outcomes. This approach not only mitigates risk but also offers a compelling ROI narrative right from the get-go.

How will GenAI comply with GDPR or other data privacy regulations?

Data privacy is non-negotiable. Our solutions are architected with privacy-by-design principles. We use industry standard and enterprise grade solutions like Azure Cognitive Services.

Will implementing GenAI disrupt our current operations?

Our integration strategy is tailored to minimize operational disruption. We are working internaly integrating with data to present results, but always keeping human feedback in the loop.

Do we have the bandwidth to manage and maintain this system?

Resource allocation is part of our initial consultation. We offer hybrid solutions that allow your in-house team to work in sprints based on allocation we discuss during pre-commitment phase ensuring sustainable, long-term operation.

Will the AI solutions scale as the company grows?

Scalability is built into the DNA of GenAI. We follow agile methodologies that allow the system to adapt and grow in harmony with your business requirements.

How capable is the program to adapt to industry-specific challenges?

Our roster includes domain experts across multiple industries. Coupled with the GenAI architecture, we tailor solutions to meet, and often exceed, industry-specific demands.

What about reliability of the Proof of Concepts and prototypes on real data?

We are experienced in sampling real-world data to ensure that the final production release works as expected. While there are no guarantees, our track record and business acumen provide a reliable framework for success.

Is the organization ready to adapt to new digital workflows?

Change management is integral to our offering. We provide training modules for leadership and offer additional continuous support to ensure your team is equipped to adopt new workflows.

Will adopting this new tech increase our technical debt?

During AI Accelerator we are building one-off prototypes and proofs of concept to build initial knowledge. After project is finished we can make it production grade or help your tech team to implement it on production using tools and methods that your organization uses.

Are we risking vendor lock-in?

Our solutions are based on open standards, providing you the flexibility to pivot should your business needs change.

What are the ethical considerations of using generative AI?

We are committed to responsible AI use. Ethical considerations are identified and addressed during all the stages, ensuring alignment with your organization’s ethical guidelines.

Is a six-week timeframe realistic for tangible results?

Our expedited six-week program is designed to focus on key deliverables that offer initial but measurable impact. However, the timeline may vary based on the complexity of your specific needs.


Each second you defer your generative AI strategy is revenue left untapped, offering your competition a free pass. Begin your GenAI transformation with an in-depth feasibility report,
custom-molded to fit your unique business landscape.

Ready to take the next step? Contact our CTO, Cezary Dmowski, to kickstart your journey toward a more agile, efficient, and forward-thinking operation.

Learn more how we can help you to boost your business with our GenAI solutions!

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