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We believe in making people's lives better - through delivering impressive software to our clients, and fostering the professional growth of our employees. For 14 years, we've successfully launched over 500 projects to international clients by embracing the latest tools and practices in web, mobile, data architecture, UI/UX and cloud expertise.

The everyday experience
at ITSG Global is flexible.

The everyday experience at ITSG Global is flexible. You'll be able to hand-pick global projects that interest you, and work on your preferred terms (entirely remotely if you choose). Our team thrives on a relaxed, collaborative environment with experts who practice a cooperative approach-advising, mentoring and supporting each other at every step of the way. If this sounds good to you, then come and join our team.

Our Perks & Benefits

Self-growth & Learning

As geeks, we are never done learning. Investing in education is one of our top priorities, so we offer a 'Growth Budget' for you to attend professional conferences, training courses, or even language lessons. Develop your career-focused skills, and we'll cover the cost.
  • Training Courses
  • English Lessons
  • Conferences & Events

Flexible Remote Working

Gone are the old days of strict 9-to-5 working hours - especially when working with global clientele. Adjust working hours to fit your preferred schedule, and we'll fully equip you to handle 100% remote work if you're not already working from home.
  • Remote-First
  • Choose Equipment
  • Preferred Hours

Knowledge Sharing

Our knowledge-sharing academy called Mixer encourages the free exchange of knowledge, insights and experiences to help everyone succeed together. Intellectual capital is valued at ITSG Global, and we incentivize knowledge growth with rewards.
  • Online Academy
  • Formal Expert Q&A
  • Knowledge Base Tools

Competitive Salary & Coverage

We offer competitive salaries and an attractive benefits package for full-time employees, including paid vacation days, referral bonuses, and company benefits.
  • Healthcare
  • Bonuses
  • Paid Time Off

Health & Wellness

On top of a competitive salary backed by company benefits, we care about your health and provide Multisport cost-sharing
  • Private Healthcare
  • Multisport Card
  • Company Activities

Fast Career Progression

Participate in complex and advanced projects for international clients in a friendly, non-corpo environment. As you master the latest technologies and improve core strengths, you'll be able to drive your own digital projects, create expert articles, and gain senior-tier skills.
  • Cross-functional Teams
  • International Experience
  • Mentorship Program

Simple and Concise Recruitment

We care about your time
and make sure to provide a quick and efficient recruitment process
that moves seamlessly from one phase to the next.


Send your CV

Apply through any of our open job positions. If you don’t see one that fits your interests, send your CV and tell us more about yourself.


Call or Video

Well schedule a quick call or video conference to talk about your interests and answer any questions you might have.


Technical Review

When applying for a technical role, a recruitment task will be given to assess your knowledge, problem solving skills and thinking process.



In as little as a week,
we send a job offer.
Welcome to the team!

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