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13 October 2023

Data Driven Decision Making – AI in Management

Unleash your business's potential with insights from our report! Explore how AI specialists are revolutionizing sectors with GenerativeAI. Grasp the tactics, hurdles, and prospects that will position you at the forefront of the AI-centric era. Discover the power of AI with ITSG's 2023 Report: Data Driven Decision Making - AI in Management. Based on insights from technology experts, this report explores how AI is reshaping business models (64% agree) and the job market (72% predict…

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10 October 2023

The State of AI 2023

Unlock the future of your business with insights from our State of AI 2023 Report! Discover how artificial intelligence practitioners are transforming industries with GenerativeAI. Learn the strategies, challenges, and opportunities that will set you ahead in the AI-driven world. Explore the AI frontier with ITSG's Global Gen AI Survey Report of 2023, an essential guide for IT leaders seeking to harness the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence. Crafted with real-world insights from many technology…

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4 October 2023

Leasing to Own Engineering Teams: The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Total Drama

Are you an IT Leader planning to swiftly scale your engineering team? Uncover the insightful strategies and practical guidance in our comprehensive guide on 'Leasing to Own Engineering Teams', straight from the industry expert. The Report - Leasing to Own Engineering Teams: The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Total Drama, delves into the increasingly popular business model of leasing engineering teams from third-party providers, with the option to eventually acquire the team outright. It is specifically…

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