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Explore how AI specialists are revolutionizing sectors with GenerativeAI. Grasp the tactics, hurdles, and prospects that will position you at the forefront of the AI-centric era.

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Discover the power of AI with ITSG’s 2023 Report: Data Driven Decision Making – AI in Management.

Based on insights from technology experts, this report explores how AI is reshaping business models (64% agree) and the job market (72% predict changes). Explore strategies for automation, data analysis, customer service, and more. Dive into uncharted territory, including marketing, design, and code improvement, to uncover untapped opportunities in GenerativeAI. Learn from the 44% already using AI in daily tasks.

Whether you’re new to AI or refining your strategy, this report offers actionable insights for a competitive edge and sustainable growth. Download it now and let ITSG guide your journey into the future of technology!

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