Simple CQRS implementation with raw SQL and DDD
13 February 2019

Introduction I often come across questions about the implementation of the CQRS pattern. Even more often I see discussions about access to the database in the context of what is better – ORM or plain SQL. In this post I wanted to show you how you can quickly implement simple REST API application with CQRS using the .NET Core. I immediately point out that this is the CQRS in the simplest edition – the update through the Write Model immediately [...]

10 common broken rules of clean code
23 October 2018

Introduction From time to time I am asked to do code review of an application. I like doing this, because it is always learning experience. I can see how others program, what problems they have and how they solve them. Except that I can see code written in various conditions and by people with different skills and experience. I prepared a list of 10 popular “clean code” broken rules which I often encounter during this code reviews and I would [...]


Rapid Prototyping and Agile in practice
20 October 2018

At ITSG Global we have partnered with a group of experienced executives and entrepreneurs and together created a platform for retail execution dedicated to companies with own or franchise, geographically dispersed, a network of retail outlets.   It started with the simple idea of task manager for third-party promotions at FMCG retailers. “The team from ITSG grab the project and build the working prototype faster than we were able to complete the paper mockups,” says Lukasz Jadachowski one of the [...]

End to End testing

End to End Testing for Quality Assurance
25 September 2018

The End to End testing (E2E) process is an essential part of any software development initiative, as it is required to ensure that coding works as planned. In the testing phase, all scenarios have to be considered for both success and failure, because the clients should not be the ones that find problems in the code. The goal of testing is to identify potential threats and avoid negative impacts in business operations, including the allocation of funds, clients accounting, [...]

IT industry in Poland
21 August 2018

Polish IT industry is one of the most important sectors of the national economy, with high fundamental principles and future growth prospects. Some aspects like state budget compensation, the specialist available or the rapid development of the market are influencing the industry. The country is also one of the winners when it comes to the global financial crisis, which helped it to offer products and services that have been short lately - economic stability. That is the main reason [...]

Top 5 Reasons for Outsourcing in Poland
4 August 2018

Who wouldn’t dream to spend time focusing on its core business, while outsource partners bring new solutions to the customer’s requirements? Outsourcing enables leaders to redirect resources strategically and enhances values and agility. The access to expertise leads to company’s growth, ongoing training and skill updates. Poland experienced growth year by year since 2008 crisis, and it is one of the best countries for outsourcing, competing with China or India. More than that, as shown in the graph below, it [...]

Important cities in Poland for tech and outsourcing
6 July 2018

Poland’s rise as one of the top locations on the global business services map is made possible due to investors rating it as a reliable and stable place to do business. The country is now an established part of a network of cross-border relations between international corporations and Polish companies providing business services. They find that having an office in Poland offers a competitive advantage and boosts their growth potential. We are going to take one by one the most [...]

Polish Business Services Sector
23 November 2017

The Business Service Sector (BSS) in Poland has developed massively in the last few years. 2016 marked a record when it comes to the employment in BSS with a rise from 193 thousand in over 850 organizations. Last year also featured a dynamic development of the industry due to the new investments located in many Polish regions. BSS has also developed regarding the quality of delivered services and it its dissemination across the country. The BSS sector has also become [...]

Best Polish Universities for Computer Science
13 November 2017

Poland is one of the biggest development camps in the world. It has the best programmers, according to the latest programming tournaments and competitions results. The main reason why Poland is ranked so high is the educational system, which has some prestigious colleges - 6 universities are included in the QS World University Rankings 2016-2017,  and 11 are in the Top 100 for QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia rankings. There are more than 500 universities in the entire [...]

Poland is one of the best educational centers in Europe
26 October 2017

Poland became one of the most important hosts for international students searching for the best European universities. The country serves as a model globally, and that’s because the investments made here are steady. Poland created a high-quality education environment due to its traditions of academic education which goes back to 1364. International students vote for the Polish Universities every year, and last year a total of 493 students wrote about their experience in Poland, with an overall satisfaction rate of [...]