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4 January 2022

IoT trends for 2022

IoT / Industry 4.0

IoT was a big deal in 2021 - the pandemics forced a lot of changes within the industry and there were some things to expect.  Many improvements were made in the healthcare sector - especially with the quality of telemedicine and minimizing the unnecessary contact between the specialist and the patient. IoT also played an important role in retail. There were big, fancy demonstrations of the possibilities that IoT provides, such as Amazon’s fully automated…

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21 December 2021

Order Management & Tracking System Dev for Brokerage Company

Custom Software Development, Digital Transformation

Rusak Business Services is a customs agency in Poland ranked as the best one by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. The company provides expert-level support in customs services and has been on the market for the last 30 years.  ITSG has been asked to prepare an Order Management & Tracking System. The idea was to implement a structured workflow including a functionality of digital data exchange that was supposed to be used for the main operations of…

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9 December 2021

How is cloud technology enhancing health and care in healthcare

Custom Software Development

  The scale in which cloud computing is influencing healthcare is enormous and the interest is expected to grow in the upcoming years, especially since COVID-19 pandemics was an impulse for massive changes in how medical data are currently processed. The healthcare industry as a whole should see by now the advantages of having its data available in the cloud, but if you are still not entirely sure about that, let me be your guide. …

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25 November 2021

Everything you wanted to know about AI and Ethics but were afraid to ask

IoT / Industry 4.0

AI is the future and modern companies which want to stay relevant in upcoming years need to understand the unquestionable benefits of incorporating it into their business. AI solutions are commonly used to improve the quality of the final product, speed-up the production, limit the number of mistakes, save time, cut costs, maintain the equipment and many more. It must be highlighted that data is one of the most important assets of any company, and…

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9 November 2021

How IoT is changing the industry

IoT / Industry 4.0

Before we begin, the one thing that has to be fully understood is that in the industrial environment IoT has a magnificent potential to improve basically everything. The Internet of Things might be connected with optimizing the production, reduction of manual work and less waste. Want to know how it works? Let me be your guide. According to a “Industrial IoT - a Reality Check” report, smart factoring is one of the most important trends…

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4 November 2021

How to transform your company? Digitally!

Custom Software Development, Legacy System Modernization

If you’ve been asking yourself how to increase the efficiency of your business or how to make more profit and provide better customer service simultaneously, digital transformation of your company might be the answer. And, most probably, it is.  Digital transformation is a term which describes the process of integrating modern technology into all areas of business. DT is so much more than just transferring one’s data to the cloud or buying some sensors without…

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