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16 September 2021

Quick guide to how to deal with Legacy System Modernization

Legacy System Modernization

Legacy system is a term used for old systems that are out of date and therefore they need to be replaced, even though they are still operating. The question of what to do with the legacy systems is in fact relevant since there are plenty of really good reasons why they should be kept intact and why many companies decide not to do anything with them until they fail. If they work on a satisfactory…

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6 September 2021

ITSG Global Acquires Brand New 5-Star Clutch Feedback

Custom Software Development

Software development allows businesses to create solutions that can help their operations grow. With the rampant evolution of digital technology, there is always something new to explore when it comes to software development. As these improvements surface, discovering how you can implement them in your software development gives you an advantage over your competitors. At ITSG Global, we make Information Technology easier to understand for businesses of all sizes. As an experienced partner for many…

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31 August 2021

Benefits of studying in Poland

Advanced Team Extension

According to QS Best Student Cities 2019, Warsaw made the top 50 of best places in the world to study in, while both Kraków and Wrocław took respectable 104 and 108 positions. Poland is well-known to be an affordable destination for students who want to combine getting high-level education with reasonable expenses. Students who have participated in the Erasmus programme are generally happy with their experience in Poland, since the country gives multiple options for…

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26 August 2021

Behind the buzzword – Internet of Things

IoT / Industry 4.0

The Internet of Things market is significantly growing and expected to continue its rise to success in upcoming years.  The versatility of IoT The IoT ecosystem is and will continue to be used in such concepts like smart cars, smart cities, hospitals, banking, home security systems and even dog collars. As Eric Schmidt, formerly from Google and Alphabet, has predicted: "[T]he Internet will disappear. There will be so many IP addresses, so many devices, sensors,…

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2 August 2021

Online Life After the Pandemic

E-commerce, Mobile

For a few months, almost the whole world stopped. Almost the whole world, because of its important part - online life has started going faster and faster. Let's check how Internet users have changed their habits and how this situation may affect front-end design. Mobile-first Of course, it is a cliché, but not entirely. Especially if you have a look at data from such countries as India, the economy with the second-fastest digitizing rate in…

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23 July 2021

Front-End’s End-User. At the end, but first of all.


You know the strengths and limitations of the front-end designed for your website, CRM, extranet, or whatever you maintain. You know or feel what should be improved. But there is something that is not possible to be better than it exists. This is your front-end's end-user. Let's have a look at them for a while. Let's be in touch with them and ask them as often as possible. Front-end of front-ends Probably clarity, suggested fonts…

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