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22 November 2022

How to recruit top talents

Advanced Team Extension

More often than not, the quality and image of a business lie in the potential and skills of people involved in the company’s processes. Therefore it should be people that stay at the center of core decisions and investment plans. As a manager or a business owner, you’ve probably heard something like the statement above multiple times, yet the inadequate response to employees’ needs became a source of neverending jokes. Having unusual or just funny…

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18 October 2022

What AI bias and Green Software have in common – ESG in IT

Advanced Team Extension, Digital Transformation

ESG stands for “Environmental, Social and Governance” and even though it sounds a little bit similar to CSR, the main difference is that ESG parameters can be measured objectively. Therefore, it’s a system that doesn’t focus on volunteering, charity or just some kind of promises in general, but it’s more of a standard that allows to verify, what is actually being done in terms of sustainability in business.  That being said, CSR provides some general…

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6 October 2022

Carbon footprint in IT – and why there is an actual reason to turn off your camera during a Zoom meeting

Advanced Team Extension, Digital Transformation

Even though it might look odd to put IT and carbon footprint in one sentence, there are plenty of reasons to do so. The most important one is the demand for non financial reporting - a concept that forces companies to show how sustainable they are. To some extend it can be done by providing vague information on volunteering and CSR initiatives, but in the long run stakeholders will get interested in real data, numbers…

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15 September 2022

To have a mobile app or to have a mobile app – there’s no question

Digital Transformation

Whatever comes to your mind - either there’s already an app that can be used for that specific purpose or at least someone has thought about creating one. The app-craze began many years ago and it’s not going anywhere, since mobile phones have become a device for everyday use in most situations imaginable. That being said - apps are not a trend, since they have become a tool personalized for a particular set of tasks.…

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5 September 2022

A short guide to becoming an early metaverse adopter

IoT / Industry 4.0

Because of a variety of interpretations and speeches about the relatively vague concept of metaverse, the idea itself might be a little… abstract. Yet, metaverse is an idea that goes through some kind of hype right now and while still being defined, it might achieve its final form as a new way of using and understanding the Internet. What’s important is that metaverse in itself isn’t a technology that can or will be created. Metaverse…

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23 August 2022

Micro-frontend for higher delivery

Modern Frontend

Micro-frontend is one of those terms you maybe never have heard about. It’s not a buzzword, it’s not a trendy catch-phrase that makes you look smart and sophisticated instantly. There are however plenty of profits of using micro-frontend architecture as a preferred architecture for your project, and here are some reasons home come. There are some architectural patterns used for creating software. If you have one team of programmers who take care of everything within…

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