The State of AI 2023

29 August 2023

Because of the growing interest in GenerativeAI and having in mind business opportunities we have asked some tech professionals how are they navigating the implementation of the above-mentioned GenerativeAI in their companies. 

Why make a survey? There are more than plenty of blogs, lists, and articles on how AI is going to change any given business (and we truly believe it’s going to). That however doesn’t provide any answers on how current IT professionals are dealing with AI in its current shape and form and how ground-breaking it will be for average businesses in the nearest future.

The key findings go as follows:  

  1. Majority (64%) of respondents believe AI will transform their business models in the coming months. The biggest concern is that AI-based solutions will appear in all creative jobs and therefore cannibalize the products a company offers. But on the other hand it’s going to free human time to focus on greater ideas and more complex tasks to be done. 
  2. Most of the effort will be put to automate tasks and improve data analysis (68%). The biggest concern in that are are the matters related to privacy, with the obvious benefit being the possibility of analysing millions of data simultaneously. 
  3. The biggest challenges when implementing AI are an unclear use case and a lack of expertise (68%). It might bring a loss of originality and a bigger tendency to be lazy whenever possible. At the same time, it will improve ways to reach new customers. 
  4. AI implementation will reshape the labour market according to 72% of respondents. That being said – there’s a risk of losing some quality of output if things are generated rather than created, but at the same time the learning curve will become faster which will also give access to different levels of explanations.

AI is generally enthusiastically welcomed by tech practitioners. Our survey showed that 60% of professionals asked claim that the new technology is going to improve some aspects of business operations. Only 10% out of 80 people said that Generative AI will not have a significant impact, but what’s more interesting – only 6% said that it may pose a challenge. 

There’s an interesting choice of words that should get our attention. “Some aspects” is a very careful way of saying, that at this point it’s difficult to predict which operations will be run more effectively with GenerativeAI usage. And, to be honest, it’s probably going to change from industry to industry or even employee to employee. That is because while there are some processes that require zero creativity and will be done much faster with AI, some operations in some businesses might be performed by AI effectively but a specific employee might still be better. 

Same with the term “may pose a challenge” – because technically everything might become a challenge so it’s a safe assumption. And probably also a true one. 

That being said, 44% of surveyed professionals already utilize AI in the automation of routine tasks, 24% for data analysis, and 18% for customer service. Marketing, design, or code improvement are yet to be explored by GenerativeAI. There has been also a study found from Roskilde University in Denmark which showed that companies tend to start experimenting with AI for internal purposes, and only when they perceive it as safe then they move with it to external clients. 

34% of surveyed people said that they will certainly use AI to augment human capabilities in future projects and 38% are considering it in specific areas. Only 14% are unsure about the trend and another 14% are skeptical and do not plan to implement it. 

Next, we asked about how AI will be reshaping the job market and what will it do with skillset requirements in 2023 in one’s company. Only 17% of people asked said that the influence is going to be minor. 11% said it’s not going to significantly affect the company’s needs, 51% claim it’s going to change some of the skillsets needed (once again – some) but 21% are certain that it’s going to revolutionize the job market. 

Similar to sustainability – only 25% are pushing for green AI, rest is mildly interested as it’s not their’s company main goal. 

Some aspects are still left for further discussion. Those are ethics in AI, data privacy, monopolization, and potential negative impact on people and they will be discussed many times in the future which is not going to slow down AI expansion. 

And that being said, at ITSG Global our R&D team together with our key experts are working hard to prove different use cases that our Customers can profit a lot and improve the way they do business.

Author: Cezary Dmowski, CTO, Co-owner at ITSG Global

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