Order Management & Tracking System Dev for Brokerage Company

Rusak Business Services is a customs agency in Poland ranked as the best one by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. The company provides expert-level support in customs services and has been on the market for the last 30 years. 

ITSG has been asked to prepare an Order Management & Tracking System. The idea was to implement a structured workflow including a functionality of digital data exchange that was supposed to be used for the main operations of the business in question. 

Altogether the performances got a 4.5 note in a 1-5 scale, with the cost and willingness to refer category getting the maximum score. The review was written by the CEO of Rusak, who stated that ITSG was chosen based on “extensive experience in workflow and data processing software”. The goal was to create a software that would be used to improve data exchange within the company as well as with clients.

The project was carried in a traditional manner, so it began with business and infrastructure analysis which led to the development of the concept of assumptions. Then ITSG created, developed and tested the product. The final step was the improvement and extension of the process to increase the capability of the software and make sure that it’s answering all business needs. 

As one can see in the review, the final product “is running live” and is processing a few hundreds of cases on a daily basis. Its presence improved the communication with clients and increased the efficiency of data management. The software is described as “clean and user friendly” and it’s being run by over a hundred of users.

The client claimed that there were no major issues with timing and the project was run through personal meetings and emails as well as documentary deliverables. Altogether the reasonable cost of the project was appreciated and flexibility, cooperation and understanding of customer’s needs were considered the key advantages. 

The review finishes with a statement that the client is “generally satisfied with the quality” and doesn’t provide any specific areas for improvement.

Author: Leszek Warzecha, Digital Marketing Specialist at ITSG Global 

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