Fragen Sie nicht, was Cloud Computing für Sie tun kann. Fragen Sie, welche Fähigkeiten Sie brauchen, um gut im Cloud Computing zu sein.

Cloud computing is one of the most prominent trends in the past few years. It provides a range of benefits for companies, it’s safe, cost-effective, and generally seems to be a song of the future. The profitability of CC lies in a range of advantages in comparison with keeping everything on your company’s hardware. Most importantly, you are not dependent on the hardware, which is a big deal if your employees want to work from home or believe in the concept of workation. Downtime is a really rare thing in cloud computing systems, so as long as you have some device, you have access to whatever data you need at a specific time.

Cloud computing allows mobility, which in a pre-pandemic world was a great thing for sales reps mostly, now it’s a must for everyone who allows home office. It keeps you instantly connected to your employees and clients, you can join a meeting whenever you need to and access whatever specific information is necessary. Better security together with the possibility of restoring lost data is another set of benefits, that makes CC such a practical and regularly chosen solution. And most importantly – it’s scalable, so you don’t need to invest money in your own infrastructure with the risk that it might not be needed in such shape anymore a few months later.

Because cloud computing brings all of those advantages to the table, the interest in it increases and will continue to do so, which means plenty of job offers for specialists who understand how this technology works.

The market looks promising, however, it shouldn’t be considered a job for anyone, given the number of expected skills. Being interested in this technology should come from knowledge of computing basics and specific concepts, such as ROI. Another aspect is data analysis which itself requires a particular style of thinking and the ability to interpret data, no matter their amount. Because cloud computing is all about security, some experience in that is also a big advantage when getting interested in more complex ideas.

Although there always is a possibility that one might be hired based on talent and general impression or past experience, it’s highly recommended to dig into existing certifications, which tend to be recognized globally.

According to BizTechCollege those are certificates worth one’s attention:
– Amazon Web Services certification,
– IBM Certified Solution Architect,
– Microsoft Azure Cloud Certification,
– Google Cloud Associate and Professional Certifications,
– Certified Cloud Security Professional,
– CompTIA Cloud+.

There are also some courses that be made for free as a good start. One of those is a free Certified Cloud Security Professional course (CCSP), designed to help one understand the risks and vulnerabilities of CC.

Another area worth being interested in is Machine Learning and AI, that’s expected to grow by 43% in 2023. There are online boot camps and self-paced courses available, depending on the level of already existing knowledge of the individual. The same goes for cloud deployment courses, which tend to be made with rather advanced people in mind.

If you don’t have one, you can start with Linux certification, which will make your future work much easier and give you the professional edge and confidence you need during any recruitment process.

Author: Andrzej Wodnicki, Managing Director at ITSG Global 

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