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6. Juni 2023 um 15:00 Uhr MESZ

GenerativeAI meistern: Best Practices für IT-Führungskräfte

https://youtu.be/HSL9BgRlvzc Watch our post-webinar video on 'Mastering GenerativeAI: Best Practices for IT Leadership'. Get up to speed with OpenAI's innovative products like ChatGPT, powered by GPT-3 and GPT-4, and Copilot, utilizing Codex/GPT-4. These tools are revolutionizing the IT industry right now, and we're ready to show you how to leverage them effectively. Our expert Cezary Dmowski - CTO and Co-Founder at ITSG Global shares real-world examples showcasing how you can utilize OpenAI products daily to…

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3. Oktober 2023 um 15:00 Uhr MESZ

GenerativeAI Best Practices für IT-Führungskräfte: Q3 2023 Update

https://youtu.be/DP_PNrkzohY?si=griBTkR9iEqC1uhL Join our experts Cezary Dmowski and Andrzej Wodnicki for a post-webinar recording uncovering the latest insights and news in AI for the Q3 2023 update, revealing how technology is transforming business models, labor markets, and more. What is being discussed? Discover cutting-edge insights from ITSG's Global Gen AI Survey Report of 2023 and the most important news in AI from the last few months, an essential guide that's reshaping how we understand AI's impact…

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19. Oktober 2023 um 15:00 Uhr MESZ

Legacy-Modernisierung - Iterativer und inkrementeller Ansatz zur risikoarmen Modernisierung Ihres Systems

https://youtu.be/cr0TBl-W984 Watch our post-webinar recording where Kamil Grzybek, a leading expert in software engineering, will present an innovative approach to modernizing legacy systems using the Evolutionary Legacy System Architecture Framework (ELSAF). What is being discussed? 1. Traditional ways of system modernization and the main problems associated with them 2. The 4 pillars of the ELSAF framework: - Evolutionary Architecture - what to do to allow the system to adapt to changes - Testable Architecture -…

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