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8. Dezember 2022

Artificial Intelligence isn’t a trend anymore – it’s a technology with a potential to improve and enhance business activities on all levels. It’s commonly used in production and supports decision-making within organisation. What can AI offer to managers?

A lot, actually. The most obvious use is decision-making support. AI-based systems can process a lot of any given data and provide unbiased outcome. AI suggests solutions which are purely data-driven and based on identified patterns, which works great in some sectors, such as finances. AI is generally used to improve efficiency/speed, based on available data.

In most companies, AI will work great in interpreting, whether specific objectives or keyresults has been obtained. That being said, AI can measure and optimize behaviours and patterns that lead to specific goals. Also, the whole point of using AI solution is to buy employees more time to perform tasks which are actually creative and demand some human-specific skills. Using AI means less administrative and paper work for managers, who can therefore focus more on actual managing, looking for opportunities to improve or just leading their teams.

It has to be understood, that AI might be problematic when dealing with people, which was proven when it was put to use in recruitment processes, yet there are plenty of business management areas that benefit from AI greatly:

  • Smart personal assistants,
  • Smart devices,
  • Sales and business forecasting,
  • Process automation in general,
  • Online customer support.

So, if you are a manager already and now you want to be a leader of change, here’s how AI systems can help you.


The whole purpose of automation is to free enough time to focus on essentials. Think about tasks that has to be done regularly, yet they don’t require a lot of though process – such as managing your calendar, meetings, or preparing reports. Those things probably can be automated which will save a lot of your energy.


AI systems can perform simulations to check possible consequences of your actions before you make a final decision. The same system that is used for product testing, can effectively be used to check all the what ifs and while the responsibility is still on you as the manager, it’s a help.


AI can identify patterns that will later provide you with information why people leave your company, or which decisions led to lack of motivation or less-than-expected results in specific processes. Those information will allow you being proactive and make adequate decisions about your employee’s satisfaction before it hits the bottom.

Altogether, top talents are top talents because of their skills and ambitions. The company that wants to Altogether, being a good manager is a relatively soft skill, that is all about understanding how people and business objectives should work together. It’s a great responsibility that deserves the best support available, and AI solutions are perfect for the job.

Author: Cezary Dmowski, CTO, Co-owner at ITSG Global

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