23 November 2017

The Business Service Sector (BSS) in Poland has developed massively in the last few years. 2016 marked a record when it comes to the employment in BSS with a rise from 193 thousand in over 850 organizations. Last year also featured a dynamic development of the industry due to the new investments located in many Polish regions. BSS has also developed regarding the quality of delivered services and it its dissemination across the country.

The BSS sector has also become one of the largest employers in the state. And the impact on the employment is visible: the country has best-educated staff providing high-quality services. Here are some interesting facts about BSS in Poland according to Invest in Poland reports.

Business Services Sector Companies

At the beginning of 2016, there were 852 business centers in Poland. Among those, 43% was represented by the IT sector, the most abundant category (368 centers). The next three groups are represented by the Shared Services Centers (SSC), the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and the Research and Development sector.



                                 Source: PAIiIZ analysis, 2016

Business Services Locations in Poland

Companies looking to start their first BSS center in Poland, or expand their activity and operations, will be able to develop new projects in various cities, which represent a competitive advantage over the countries in the region. The Polish BBS map notes seven locations with excellent employment level. Those major business services locations include Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Katowice Agglomeration, Tri-City,  Poznań, and Łódź. Collectively they account 85% of all jobs in the sector, where 89% are international centers and 72% are national centers.


Source:  Polish Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) study

Assessment of the location as a place to do business

One important aspect to be analyzed when it comes to business services location was the view of the individual factors that influence the business in Polish cities. Generally speaking, the picture is favorable. However, one thing must be clarified: companies that have more than one centers across the country are concerned more about where the company could have the highest headcount. In the graphic below you can see the most common variables indicated.


Source: Polish Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) study


Moreover, the report also showed that the respondents placed outside the significant BSS locations gave much lower scores to their position on the modernity variable and transportation.

Available languages

An essential factor for choosing a business services locations is the ability to find suitable employees who speak specific languages. According to the Invest in Poland study, there are 40 languages used across the country. The most popular is The Polish language because a vast majority of centers are IT companies as mentioned in the first section. Moreover, English is also used very often in 84% centers because Poland is an essential country for outsourcing services. German and French are also famous, but some companies offer services in niche languages such as Hungarian or Arabic.


Source:  PAIiIZ analysis, 2016

By analyzing the BSS environment in Poland, we can understand why so many companies choose this country for outsourcing. The availability of high-qualified labor and the modern setting are two variables that influence the attractiveness of Poland for outsourcing positively. Moreover, the language accessibility is a plus for companies located in Poland.

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