Generative AI Implementation for Travel & Leisure Company – Insight Guides

Insight Guides is a company delivering tailored travel experiences based on requirements provided by the traveler. The traveler is choosing a destination and writes down their preferences and a local expert provided by Insight Guides creates an itinerary for further developments, until the client is fully satisfied. The process is ensuring the best experience possible based on individual preferences and a general idea of what travel should be to a specific person. 

The company has more than 100 experts in over 70 destinations, providing their services to millions of travelers since 1970.

Combination of advanced technologies:
This project combines advanced AI technology and data integration to revolutionize travel itinerary creation.

AI at its finest:
Utilizing OpenAI’s GPT-4, the project begins by generating initial itineraries in JSON format, prioritizing customization and efficiency. These itineraries are then enriched with detailed information like Google Maps ratings and visual content from S3 storage.

Flexibility and adaptability:
Modular design allows for flexible environment setups and adaptability. The use of Langchain enables the creation of queries for LLMs at a higher level of abstraction and provides automatic validation of input and output data. Additionally, Langchain’s template rendering capabilities allow for dynamic prompt generation, further enhancing the flexibility and customization of the AI-driven content creation process. Furthermore, the project employs comprehensive monitoring tool, Datadog, to offer real-time insights into system health and performance. This blend of AI-driven content creation and robust technical infrastructure aims to deliver a seamless, user-centric travel planning experience, marking a significant advancement in automated itinerary generation.

How it works:

  • The API receives a travel plan request specifying the number of people, duration, location, presence of children, etc.
  • The service generates a prompt and uses the OpenAI GPT-4 API to create a travel plan in the specified JSON format.
  • The generated plan undergoes validation to ensure it meets the expected format.
  • The plan is enriched with data from the Google Places API and an image repository related to highlighted destinations in the plan.
  • The enriched plan is tested against various conditions (e.g., budget constraints, whether the selected places are permanently closed) and may be sent back for regeneration with specific feedback for the LLM to avoid errors.

Feedback from the customer:

  • The team was responsible for custom software development, manual and automated testing, performance monitoring, and CD pipeline management.
  • They delivered high-quality results on time and within budget in a very cooperative atmosphere.
  • ITSG Global delivered a fully functional interface for the client’s customers, much to their delight. The team was highly responsive and collaborative, and internal stakeholders praised the service provider’s creative prowess and solutions-based approach.
  • Apart from delivering the main AI engine, ITSG took care of solution being ready for production e.g. testing manual and automated, monitoring, CD piplines etc. as well.
  • Quality, Schedule, Cost, and Willing to Refer: all got five stars (the highest possible score).
  • The client wrote that (ITSG) delivered high-quality results on time and within budget in a very cooperative atmosphere. They were always very responsive and happy to help. Always trying to fully understand the problem and requirements – without any shortcuts.
  • Engagement and curiosity were one of the key words used to describe the cooperation.

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