24 March 2022

Legacy modernization – risk-to-benefit ratio

Legacy System Modernization

Legacy systems can be interpreted as systems that once gave you profitability but they have reached their maturity point and cannot support you anymore with growing your company. They generally rely heavily on soft- and hardware that is owned, operated and supported by the owner - in most cases, that will be your company. The point of their modernization is to make them more efficient and responsive to the newest technology, assuming that sooner or…

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4 November 2021

How to transform your company? Digitally!

Custom Software Development, Legacy System Modernization

If you’ve been asking yourself how to increase the efficiency of your business or how to make more profit and provide better customer service simultaneously, digital transformation of your company might be the answer. And, most probably, it is.  Digital transformation is a term which describes the process of integrating modern technology into all areas of business. DT is so much more than just transferring one’s data to the cloud or buying some sensors without…

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16 September 2021

Quick guide to how to deal with Legacy System Modernization

Legacy System Modernization

Legacy system is a term used for old systems that are out of date and therefore they need to be replaced, even though they are still operating. The question of what to do with the legacy systems is in fact relevant since there are plenty of really good reasons why they should be kept intact and why many companies decide not to do anything with them until they fail. If they work on a satisfactory…

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