How to Build Top Technical Teams in Poland

2 February 2023

High-quality technical service is one of the most pressing needs that the current world must face. There are simply projects and processes that an average, stereotypical IT guy cannot handle well enough, so it makes perfect sense to invest in the best specialists on the market. Those happen to live in Poland. 

Therefore, before we talk about HOW to build top technical teams in Poland you might ask – WHY to build them in the first place and why in Poland specifically. 

First of all, Poland is and will stay on an accelerated growth path – originally it was caused by strong internal demand for products, EU funds, and dynamic export, but later the country managed to create its own best practices and follow great results of using such. One of those best practices was to invest in high-quality courses and specialties at top country universities, which as a result brought a bunch of highly specialized IT professionals. Those gained experience in international companies, which brings us to another point: Poland is on its way to creating 0.5 mln jobs in advanced services in the nearest future. 

And we are emphasizing the word advanced over here – fluent in English, experienced, and very well-educated.

Since we know that those people are to be found in Poland the question remains, how to recruit them or even make them interested in working for a specific company? Recruitment and cooperation are two-way relationships, so you, the manager, or the owner even, also will be evaluated by your candidates. And if you want to attract the best of the best, you have to be clear not only about your expectations (experience, education, and so on) but also about the type and challenges of the projects that your company is running. The best of the best might not be interested in the mediocre. 

That being said, be open about your needs in the context of your client’s needs – technical skills are very important, but so are communication skills, flexibility, or orientation on teamwork. Your client might not be particularly impressed with pure programming skills if the communication is bad or there is no space for changes as the project goes on and new ideas appear. 

Moreover, talents love to grow. A good manager interested in working with a team of top talents must consider their needs. An appealing salary is just one of the components of job satisfaction and not necessarily the most crucial one. Research shows that developers love to learn.

And the fact that they love to learn is actually a really great compliment for everybody. The company hiring might take pride in offering interesting projects and opportunities for top talents. Top talent’s skill and potential will be actually used for something fresh and challenging. And the clients actually provide those interesting opportunities, which means they will get whatever they ordered plus more – engagement, know-how, and ideas on potential improvements. 

And that’s a triple win worth pursuing already at the stage of preparing a job description. 

So, let’s assume you have a revolutionary business idea and you need some technical people to change the idea into reality. What are your options? You can try to recruit your top talents by yourself, assuming you know how to talk with people you potentially want to have in your company. A tempting alternative would be to cooperate with a vendor, who will create a perfect team for your project and then transfer those specialists into your company, once they learn how to operate your process. The third option would be building around your designated team leader, who could choose people with specific skills for the project in question. 

The main difference between those three lies in the recruitment process and implementation. Recruiting by yourself means not only picking the best candidates but first appealing to the best potential candidates – that takes knowledge of their expectations and simply being able to sell oneself. Cooperating with someone who knows the market and knows how to build a top technical team, gives you a great advantage, saves money, and time, and lowers the risk simultaneously. 

In the end, not everyone has to be knowledgeable about top technical talents in Poland. The point is – they are more than excited to work on challenging projects and if you happen to have one of such projects at the back of your head, you should look for your business partners in Poland.

Author: Cezary Dmowski, CTO, Co-owner at ITSG Global

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