28 October 2017

Project description

CRM System

For i4-Profit ITSG Global team has built a financial tool designed to bridge the gap between the art of selling financial products and knowing what will be profitable.

Designed by experts – We are focused on improving your commercial performance with in-depth knowledge of financial sector, regulations and market conditions.

Commercially focused in development – Supported by a top ranked financial institution, i4-Profit was developed with a robust understanding of what drives profitability in the banking sector. i4-Profit provides actionable insight which is market relevant, profitable, and credible across all internal stakeholder groups.

Insight, not just numbers – We draw out the meaning and implications of each transaction based on a customised metrics, making specific recommendations to support your sales process and improve your bottom line.

Fit-for-purpose methodology – i4-Profit is a bespoke customer relationship software for banks. Our expertise across a wide range of banking and regulatory issues allows i4-Profit to select the most appropriate combination of financial products for each unique situation considering the needs of clients, market conditions and regulations.

Increased ROE – Following several universal banks in Europe we measured the potential impact of i4-Profit on ROE. On the basis of two real life examples of banks that have worked with us, we are confident that using i4-Profit can help increase ROE on lending customers by more than 15 pp.

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