Industry knowledge

Consultants with extensive experience


Technical knowledge

Analysts, programmers and testers, database and systems administrators


Graphic design/UX

Graphic and UX designers



An interdisciplinary team led by a team leader, supported by newest technologies and
working in agile methodology



Quality and compliance assurance Performance tests and scaling
Efficient service desk,
Post-implementation procedures and processes

We deliver

Enterprise solutions

  • Microsoft .NET development
  • C#/F#
  • MVC/REST/Angular
  • nHibernate/TSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Agile solutions

  • node.js/Meteor.js development
  • Angular/React
  • mongoDB

Business Intelligence

  • Microsoft SQL Server BI
  • Data warehouses
  • PowerPivot
  • Machine learning / Data modeling (SPSS, H2o, R)
  • KPI Dashboard development

Mobile development

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Hybrid (Phonegap, Xamarin) development

Business models

Nearshore team

You get the expertise of ITSG’s in-house recruitment professionals with software development cost savings of up to 60%.

Onsite team

We are ready to send teams of professionals to work onsite on part or full-time basis, with online access to ITSG capabilities.

Hybrid teams

Our experts will travel to your headquarter to optimize your technical project development. We’ll then provide in-house consulting on outsourcing to reach maturity and future-proof your business.

Fixed Price Projects

Our custom software development is ideal for short-term projects with a quick turnaround, serve as a supplement to your ITSG Own Software Team, or as a standalone solution.


With the B-O-T model ITSG will establish the team, infrastructure, and operations for you, and then transfer the entire set-up back to your company who will own, operate and integrate the ODC into the corporate culture. We handle the initial risk, bare the startup costs, and you define the metrics for success.

Our partnerships

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