Boost your sales
team effectiveness

Why you and your sales team need this?


Foster sound behaviour and conduct


Reward for performance and show instance $ earned


Do not overpay – maintain a cap not to be surprised


Offer equal chances of getting the bonus


Set plans and cascade down to every level of organization


Report and pay out what has been earned

What makes your company and team need this?

Multiple product / service offering

Multiple decision makers

Regional geographical structure

Limited predictability of demand

Sales results relying on sales persons performance

Role specific and product specific incentives?

Sales incentive

management system is for you!

Key functionalities

Complex system that is easy to implement

Management of organizational structure

Goal cards and goal grids

Cascading of plan / KPIs/ goals down the organizational structure

KPI set up and management

Incentive range and caps

Quantitive and qualitative measures

Reports including payroll input based on execution

Instant incentive calculation

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Andrzej Wodnicki

Partner, Managing Director

Using extensive experience in business consulting I work with companies on the effective use of modern technologies in business.

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