12 September 2017

3 reasons to still use Java

Angular JS

After more than 20 years of its release on the market, Java is still one of the most critical technologies that attract interest. There have been a lot of improvements and developments, but it remained on the top when it comes to coding language. There were times when Java’s dominance was affected by some challenges found on its security, but despite all setbacks, Java persisted very well. One question appears in our heads: Why should…

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9 May 2017

JavaScript framework comparison – AngularJs, Vue.Js, Meteor.Js or Next.Js

Angular JS, Meteor

Java Scripts’s popularity is continuing to grow, and it's expanding its ecosystem of modern tools. For non-technical people, it can be sometimes hard to keep up and to filtrate the information about advantages vs. disadvantages of all the frameworks. This article presents some of the advances we see in this JavaScript’ community and extracts conclusions to help you and your team choose the right solutions for your needs. Here we have picked some of the…

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30 September 2016

Angular vs. React: To Compete or not to Compete?

Angular JS, React

Recently, our team had to choose a technology for a new web application product, and the choices were ReactJS or AngularJS. We have experience with both and were struggling between the ease-of-use of Angular and the simplicity and architectural soundness of React. Going through this process, we thought you would also be interested in different benefits of each one. Angular and React are both means for building mobile or web applications that were both launched…

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