3 April 2023

Sustainability in IT

Advanced Team Extension, Digital Transformation

Sustainability in IT is integrally connected with environmental aspects of business practices. It’s a subject that is talked about a lot in a production context, while IT in general has always seemed to be relatively green in comparison with other industries. There’s no digging, no building massive factories, and no drastic changes to the landscape caused by IT processes. The point was, especially in the 2019 pandemic, that going remote was an eco-friendly decision in…

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6 March 2023

ChatGPT and the Global AI Race

IoT / Industry 4.0

Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, known commonly as ChatGPT is a chatbot introduced in November 2022 by OpenAI. The free-of-charge prototype version gained a lot of attention by the end of last year and, as a result, was valued at US$29 billion. It’s supposed to process and generate a human-like text without having an access to the Internet. That being said, it cannot browse the net for anything and it can only provide information it has…

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9 February 2023

Everything you wanted to know about AI and Ethics but were afraid to ask

IoT / Industry 4.0

AI is the future and modern companies which want to stay relevant in upcoming years need to understand the unquestionable benefits of incorporating it into their business. AI solutions are commonly used to improve the quality of the final product, speed-up the production, limit the number of mistakes, save time, cut costs, maintain the equipment and many more. It must be highlighted that data is one of the most important assets of any company, and…

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2 February 2023

How to Build Top Technical Teams in Poland

Advanced Team Extension

High-quality technical service is one of the most pressing needs that the current world must face. There are simply projects and processes that an average, stereotypical IT guy cannot handle well enough, so it makes perfect sense to invest in the best specialists on the market. Those happen to live in Poland.  Therefore, before we talk about HOW to build top technical teams in Poland you might ask - WHY to build them in the…

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17 January 2023

IoT Trends for 2023

IoT / Industry 4.0

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives, connecting a wide range of devices and allowing for greater automation and convenience. As we move into 2023, there are several key trends that are likely to shape the IoT landscape. Increased Adoption of 5G Technology Predictions for 2023 include 5G networks playing a major role in the IoT, offering faster speeds and lower latency than previous generations of mobile…

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10 January 2023

Don’t Ask What Cloud Computing Can Do for You. Ask What Kind of Skills You Need to be Good at Cloud Computing.

Advanced Team Extension, IoT / Industry 4.0

Cloud computing is one of the most prominent trends in the past few years. It provides a range of benefits for companies, it’s safe, cost-effective, and generally seems to be a song of the future. The profitability of CC lies in a range of advantages in comparison with keeping everything on your company’s hardware. Most importantly, you are not dependent on the hardware, which is a big deal if your employees want to work from…

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