27 February 2024

How top talents perceive work

Business, Custom Software Development

In a modern, competitive business environment it’s crucial to have top talents on board and be aware of how to attract them to our projects. To succeed you have to gain their attention, offer them something interesting, and keep them satisfied with the work done, so they will be there for you to support your business growth. Financial benefits are the most obvious benefits that a company can provide, but there are more: flexible work…

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23 January 2024

Everything you need to know about friendshoring


A while ago an article on LinkedIn on team re-organizing caught our attention. The author aims to quantify software engineering productivity by providing objective data and using a Standford-made algorithm to help companies make data-driven decisions. It was proved that one of the companies participating managed to reduce their annual engineering spend from $12.3M to $7.4M by replacing 42 Bay Area engineers (>$200k avg. cost) with 41 in Poland ($80k avg. cost) and 5 in…

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3 January 2024

Legacy Systems Modernization for Business Transformation

Business, Legacy System Modernization

There was a time when your company’s software did exactly what it was supposed to do - you invested in a product designed for your needs and you were happy with the outcome. There is a high possibility, however, that since that time your business has expanded and the above-mentioned software did not follow. It’s outdated now and while it still works, the maintenance cost might be only one of its issues.   How does it…

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6 December 2023

How to improve your business in 6 weeks?

AI Development, Business

GenAI technology took the world by storm and it was quite obvious, that at some point the boom was going to translate into tools that could be used for business purposes. The problem remains, however, that there aren’t many specialists available who can use ChatGPT, CoPilot, or Midjourney to leverage a business. Which doesn’t change the fact, that if one cares about their future business opportunities they should consider getting themselves familiar with GenAI and…

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22 October 2023

What is data auditing

AI Development, Business, Enterprise Software Development

Data auditing is a comprehensive examination of data infrastructure in one’s company. It’s a process designed to provide better data quality which in turn is supposed to improve analytical operations inside the organization. While it might sound complicated (the word audit isn’t a particularly friendly term) data is of key importance when running a business and data auditing aims for stronger analytics and therefore better performance altogether. THE PROCESS The audit begins with a dialogue…

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12 October 2023

Customer Experience Audit – a comprehensive review of your customer’s journey

Business, Modern Frontend

Our audit was created to provide a wide, holistic evaluation of your customer experience starting from first interaction to post-sale support. The point of the audit is to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas of opportunity, allowing the organization to modify its approach for maximum impact. The process of audit is data-driven to offer tailored recommendations that will be able to fit organizational goals. WHY TO CONDUCT SUCH AN AUDIT Customer experience is more than just…

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