22 November 2023

Enhancing AI with LangChain and Vector Databases

AI Development, Enterprise Software Development

This article is a tutorial on integrating LangChain, a Python library, with vector databases to create sophisticated AI applications. It's designed for individuals with basic Python and AI knowledge. Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is a hybrid AI model that combines neural language models with a retrieval system to enhance the generation of text. It retrieves relevant documents from a database and integrates this information into the language generation process. The tutorial covers building a RAG system…

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6 November 2023

Unleashing GenAI in Database Modernization: A Technical Exploration

AI Development, Enterprise Software Development

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, database modernization has emerged as a cornerstone for businesses seeking to maintain a competitive edge. The financial services and fintech sectors, along with healthcare and other data-intensive industries, find themselves at a crucial juncture. They are under relentless competitive pressure to innovate and improve their services.  However, the weight of legacy systems becomes a formidable challenge, anchoring these industries to outdated processes that struggle to meet new demands. This…

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2 November 2023

Legacy modernization in healthcare companies

Digital Transformation, Legacy System Modernization

Healthcare remains one of the fastest-growing and crucial industries in the world. Moreover, the 2019 pandemic caused its growth to accelerate even more with new solutions being introduced to keep up with the new reality and its challenges. Digital healthcare brought us to an era when sensors and robots are capable of performing some of the tasks, that would before require going to the doctor personally. That being said, this new medical landscape can serve…

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22 October 2023

What is data auditing

AI Development, Business, Enterprise Software Development

Data auditing is a comprehensive examination of data infrastructure in one’s company. It’s a process designed to provide better data quality which in turn is supposed to improve analytical operations inside the organization. While it might sound complicated (the word audit isn’t a particularly friendly term) data is of key importance when running a business and data auditing aims for stronger analytics and therefore better performance altogether. THE PROCESS The audit begins with a dialogue…

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12 October 2023

Customer Experience Audit – a comprehensive review of your customer’s journey

Business, Modern Frontend

Our audit was created to provide a wide, holistic evaluation of your customer experience starting from first interaction to post-sale support. The point of the audit is to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas of opportunity, allowing the organization to modify its approach for maximum impact. The process of audit is data-driven to offer tailored recommendations that will be able to fit organizational goals. WHY TO CONDUCT SUCH AN AUDIT Customer experience is more than just…

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19 September 2023

Business Process Optimization

Business, Custom Software Development

In the modern business environment, organizations and their leaders must stay agile and open to new concepts if interested in keeping pace with their existing and potential competitors. Fortunately, business process optimization is well-known to be a powerful tool that helps to unlock the full potential and simultaneously gain the needed advantage. Product and service innovation is an obvious necessity to remain relevant in the contemporary world. Process optimation is a key factor in obtaining…

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