17 May 2022

How industrial production can benefit from cloud computing

IoT / Industry 4.0

Cloud computing has been trending for a while now, especially with the development and popularity of the Internet of Things concept. That said, there are still new ideas and observations on what industries can benefit from CC. Generally speaking, cloud computing is a term used for describing access to data online instead of physically storing them on one’s computer or server. Cloud computing requires minimum management from the owner of data, since everything is done…

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4 May 2022

Why refreshing your webpage or app?

Modern Frontend

So, you have created your page or app a few years ago and it is doing great - you’ve never got any complaints from the clients, it’s simple, easy to navigate, perfect for your purposes and you like the way it is.  But take a second look, maybe it does look a little bit old school though? Maybe everything that stops you from updating things is the burden of having to take care of it?…

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19 April 2022

How Digital Twins can help with your manufacturing

IoT / Industry 4.0

Digital Twin is a nice name for an advanced technology which can be understood as an interactive, fully virtual model serving the purpose of collecting and processing real-life data. The point is to copy the functionality of a product in a virtual environment and use it for testing, which saves money that would otherwise be spent on prototyping. The additional benefit lies in the possibility of testing the virtual twin in conditions or speed that…

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6 April 2022

Enterprise software development

Advanced Team Extension, Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise application software is a term used to describe a computer software used for big, mature companies that have grown too big to be managed manually. Those companies need a specific type of software that will interdisciplinarily cover different parts of business and a wide variety of operations. Setting up a high quality EAS is a challenge that requires great communication between the client and the team. Trust and mutual understanding are a must, also…

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24 March 2022

Legacy modernization – risk-to-benefit ratio

Legacy System Modernization

Legacy systems can be interpreted as systems that once gave you profitability but they have reached their maturity point and cannot support you anymore with growing your company. They generally rely heavily on soft- and hardware that is owned, operated and supported by the owner - in most cases, that will be your company. The point of their modernization is to make them more efficient and responsive to the newest technology, assuming that sooner or…

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7 March 2022

Do you need data intensive software and why the answer is yes?

Custom Software Development, IoT / Industry 4.0

Data intensive computing is a term forged to describe processing large volumes of data (usually terabytes or petabytes) generated every day and referred to as Big Data. The amount of data generated today is insane and therefore traditional ways of analyzing them are out of the question. HOW DOES IT WORK Dealing with big data brings up a lot of questions - how to ensure the correctness and completeness of accumulated data, how to scale…

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