12 March 2024

Legacy Modernizationin in Transport and Logistics

Custom Software Development, Legacy System Modernization

Legacy Modernization remains a relevant matter for companies, that have been present on the market for a while now, but their software wasn’t designed for contemporary needs and expectations. Especially if the original creators are not available anymore or there are problems with documentation, and manipulating the existing system is a delicate matter. The point is - legacy systems cannot be ignored, because they slow down the whole progress of the company and the matter…

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5 March 2024

How AI Influences Team Leasing

Advanced Team Extension, AI Development

Team leasing has proved itself an effective tool to cut costs and provide the best quality of service at the same time. By hiring a team that is specifically tailored to your needs you don’t have to worry about recruitment costs, negotiation, and providing quality checks over the work done for you.  Since AI and GenAI are playing a significantly bigger role in modern business it’s important to understand how AI is influencing Team Leasing…

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27 February 2024

How top talents perceive work

Business, Custom Software Development

In a modern, competitive business environment it’s crucial to have top talents on board and be aware of how to attract them to our projects. To succeed you have to gain their attention, offer them something interesting, and keep them satisfied with the work done, so they will be there for you to support your business growth. Financial benefits are the most obvious benefits that a company can provide, but there are more: flexible work…

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20 February 2024

How to deal with Ethics in GenAI era?

AI Development, Enterprise Software Development

The existence of GenerativeAI itself has been raising a lot of concerns about how that tool can be used unethically and what the potential risks are. Generative AI cannot autonomously decide whether something is unethical (whatever that means without a specific context), as it only responds to cues given by its user. Even if we teach AI to specifically ignore commands with words suggesting that the outcome might be unethical, depending on the natural language…

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5 February 2024

AI Predictions for 2024

AI Development, Enterprise Software Development

2023 was the year of Generative AI and exploring its possibilities in business. AI made headlines multiple times, breaking records and being a leitmotiv of multiple discussions in different fields. Global Investment in AI grew even before the rise of ChatGPT which leads to conclusion, that the hype has just begun. Here are our top 10 predictions for GenAI in the upcoming 2024. 1. THE HYPE WILL NOT END Usually, when something is that popular,…

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2 February 2024

Enhancing AI with LangChain and Vector Databases

AI Development, Enterprise Software Development

This article is a tutorial on integrating LangChain, a Python library, with vector databases to create sophisticated AI applications. It's designed for individuals with basic Python and AI knowledge. Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is a hybrid AI model that combines neural language models with a retrieval system to enhance the generation of text. It retrieves relevant documents from a database and integrates this information into the language generation process. The tutorial covers building a RAG system…

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