15 September 2022

Whatever comes to your mind – either there’s already an app that can be used for that specific purpose or at least someone has thought about creating one. The app-craze began many years ago and it’s not going anywhere, since mobile phones have become a device for everyday use in most situations imaginable. That being said – apps are not a trend, since they have become a tool personalized for a particular set of tasks. One of them is getting your potential customer interest in whatever you’re selling and change the narrative into an easy and intuitive customer experience.

There is no question if having an app is beneficial – it definitely is, because the whole idea behind an app is to create a fully personalized solution that is doing exactly what you want it to do. It might and probably will build a connection between you and the users, who are or are considering being your clients.

So let’s talk possibilities.


As a company you want to be visible and approachable. Because the competition is tough, if you don’t respond quickly to a need someone might have, somebody else will use that opportunity to sell their solution.

Apps are great, because they do the same thing like contact forms, except they are better at it, because you just unlock your phone and scroll, which many people tend to do just to kill some time.


When you buy advertisement space on somebody’s else page or app, you still have to compete with other buyers. This problem doesn’t exist within your own app, where all content is your content. That means – you can test what works best, which features happen to become the most popular, are coupons still a thing, what makes your users stay?

You also obtain a lot of data and information that can be used for your future sells or help you improving your product.


That one is really nice, because there are no creative limits into what can you create to make your users more loyal. Some like coupons and discounts, some might be happy with an interesting newsletter, maybe personalized birthday wishes or little games just being there to kill some time.

All those things help you also to experiment with the image of your company and how your customers want to feel when thinking about your product. Do they want something elegant or maybe something that looks clean and professional? Do you want to be seen as trendy, modern, groundbreaking? Actually you can test most of those ideas and see which one is liked the most by your users. It’s like a reseach, but combined with marketing, which makes it perfect.


Both of those things mean a lot in the business world. Buying a product is one thing, but with the rise of social media there is so much more that can be done with it afterwards. Writing a good review is nice of course, but what about showing the product on pictures? Possible to obtain, if you organise a contest and motivate your users into buying things and posting them online later.

Again – advertisement is one benefit, real users engagement is another and additionally you keep them loyal if you excite them enough through activities and communication.


And finally – you want to make your business unique, because with that factor in the game, you’re not obligated to compete with price – you put on the table your values, creativity and image.

When investing in an app, make sure you find a business partner who understands your needs and can translate them into an adequate technology. That way you can build a perfect connection with your existing and potential clients.

Author: Andrzej Wodnicki, Managing Director at ITSG Global 

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