25 July 2024

300,000 Strong: Poland’s Data-Driven IT Outsourcing Success

Friendshoring, Software Development

300,000 Strong: Poland's Data-Driven IT Outsourcing Success Poland has become a key player in global IT outsourcing, offering advantages that go far beyond cost savings. In 2024, it stands out as a strategic choice for businesses looking to enhance their tech operations. With a unique blend of skilled professionals, favorable policies, and competitive pricing, Poland is reshaping how companies approach IT outsourcing. But what specific benefits are drawing both startups and tech giants to cities…

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16 July 2024

Opening a Software Delivery/R&D Center in Poland: A Modern Guide


Opening a Software Delivery/R&D Center in Poland: A Modern Guide Poland has emerged as a top destination for companies looking to establish software delivery and R&D centers. With a large pool of highly skilled IT professionals, competitive costs, and a supportive business environment, Poland offers numerous advantages for businesses seeking to expand their technology capabilities. In this guide, we'll explore the key factors to consider before opening a software delivery or R&D center in Poland…

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5 March 2024

How AI Influences Team Leasing

AI, Friendshoring

Team leasing has proved itself an effective tool to cut costs and provide the best quality of service at the same time. By hiring a team that is specifically tailored to your needs you don’t have to worry about recruitment costs, negotiation, and providing quality checks over the work done for you.  Since AI and GenAI are playing a significantly bigger role in modern business it’s important to understand how AI is influencing Team Leasing…

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3 April 2023

Sustainability in IT

Digital Transformation, Friendshoring

Sustainability in IT is integrally connected with environmental aspects of business practices. It’s a subject that is talked about a lot in a production context, while IT in general has always seemed to be relatively green in comparison with other industries. There’s no digging, no building massive factories, and no drastic changes to the landscape caused by IT processes. The point was, especially in the 2019 pandemic, that going remote was an eco-friendly decision in…

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2 February 2023

How to Build Top Technical Teams in Poland


High-quality technical service is one of the most pressing needs that the current world must face. There are simply projects and processes that an average, stereotypical IT guy cannot handle well enough, so it makes perfect sense to invest in the best specialists on the market. Those happen to live in Poland.  Therefore, before we talk about HOW to build top technical teams in Poland you might ask - WHY to build them in the…

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10 January 2023

Don’t Ask What Cloud Computing Can Do for You. Ask What Kind of Skills You Need to be Good at Cloud Computing.

Friendshoring, IoT / Industry 4.0

Cloud computing is one of the most prominent trends in the past few years. It provides a range of benefits for companies, it’s safe, cost-effective, and generally seems to be a song of the future. The profitability of CC lies in a range of advantages in comparison with keeping everything on your company’s hardware. Most importantly, you are not dependent on the hardware, which is a big deal if your employees want to work from…

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