12 October 2023

Customer Experience Audit – a comprehensive review of your customer’s journey

Business, Modern Frontend

Our audit was created to provide a wide, holistic evaluation of your customer experience starting from first interaction to post-sale support. The point of the audit is to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas of opportunity, allowing the organization to modify its approach for maximum impact. The process of audit is data-driven to offer tailored recommendations that will be able to fit organizational goals. WHY TO CONDUCT SUCH AN AUDIT Customer experience is more than just…

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23 August 2022

Micro-frontend for higher delivery

Modern Frontend

Micro-frontend is one of those terms you maybe never have heard about. It’s not a buzzword, it’s not a trendy catch-phrase that makes you look smart and sophisticated instantly. There are however plenty of profits of using micro-frontend architecture as a preferred architecture for your project, and here are some reasons home come. There are some architectural patterns used for creating software. If you have one team of programmers who take care of everything within…

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4 May 2022

Why refreshing your webpage or app?

Modern Frontend

So, you have created your page or app a few years ago and it is doing great - you’ve never got any complaints from the clients, it’s simple, easy to navigate, perfect for your purposes and you like the way it is.  But take a second look, maybe it does look a little bit old school though? Maybe everything that stops you from updating things is the burden of having to take care of it?…

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