Why refreshing your webpage or app?

4 May 2022

So, you have created your page or app a few years ago and it is doing great – you’ve never got any complaints from the clients, it’s simple, easy to navigate, perfect for your purposes and you like the way it is. 

But take a second look, maybe it does look a little bit old school though? Maybe everything that stops you from updating things is the burden of having to take care of it? Maybe? Maybe yes

First you have to be aware of the potential issues your clients might be having with your product.


This might look like a joke but it’s not if some of your potential clients were still in college when you set up your page or app. Times changed, and things that worked fine a while ago, do not necessarily look attractive to new clients nowadays. In some businesses it’s going to be quite important to be perceived as modern, even more so when the audience is quite new.

Another issue is that some of your products might not look good anymore on newer devices and you should regularly check that. The point is that a person who visits your page will not give you a shout that something isn’t displayed correctly – they will just move on and forget about you. 


If you operate on one page for a longer period of time, there is a possibility that more people interfered with the original concept. Just because your page looks fine when you enter it doesn’t mean that everything is fine with headings and headings are important when it comes to SEO. Suitable headings that fit your content are crucial for good SEO results, so if something went wrong over there you might not even be aware how many clients you’re losing as a result. 

Some of the developers who worked for you in the past might have left behind some redundant code which does nothing and can be removed. You should get rid of those lines of code that serve no purpose and just take up the space. 


This sounds like a blessing and it is good, but maybe there should be some improvements made to emphasize your success. For instance, maybe there are some tools you can use that will benefit hundreds of your new subscribers? Maybe there are some functions that are widely requested? 

There is a possibility of just adding new tools to the existing product, however they may influence the final experience negatively by slowing you page/app down or the integration might be more money and time consuming than just starting a new project. 


A trustworthy business partner will help you decide whether you need a complete fresh start or just a rebuilding. They will help you to integrate your page with other services, including third party marketing services. You should get information on what browsers should be your target and whether it’s even necessary to support older, obsolete browsers.

A good team will help you with data migration while providing all the help and know-how you might need in the process. A flexible project manager will help you adjust the final product to the content you have or plan and later will track the progress, to get you the best possible solution for your business. 

Author: Leszek Warzecha, Digital Marketing Specialist at ITSG Global 

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