If you’ve been asking yourself how to increase the efficiency of your business or how to make more profit and provide better customer service simultaneously, digital transformation of your company might be the answer.

And, most probably, it is. 

Digital transformation is a term which describes the process of integrating modern technology into all areas of business. DT is so much more than just transferring one’s data to the cloud or buying some sensors without actually understanding how it’s supposed to improve anything. DT is important, because it reconstructs the way in which a company is operating – it’s supposed to change all levels of the organisation to literally transform it into something better

So let’s talk benefits. 


Businesses generally collect data and other resources. That’s what they do. The point is, that all those things should be put in order for further analysis. The goal is not to have just a lot of data – the actual goal is to have a specific view on opportunities based on the collected data. The same thing applies to all resources. It doesn’t matter what a company owns if it’s not capable of using those things to their full potential. 

There are many thing that can and will be obtained with better data management: 

  • It will be easier to foresee customers expectations based on the knowledge of their behaviour and choices, 
  • It will be easier to tailor the experience to specific customer, 
  • Your income will increase. At least that’s what 80% of organisations which completed DT claim in SAP Center for Business Insight and Oxford Economics report. 

Digital technology, when used wisely, can speed up your productivity, and I mean a lot. IBM showed how it’s done with their bots that performed 20x faster than humans with no errors. More importantly, the productivity can be increased in any area of your business, be it production or data collection. The flow of information itself is much faster, which brings us to saving money. In that case time is the actual money you’re saving. 

With digital technology you respond faster to changing needs of customers but also you can use your talents to react immediately when something rare happens and human intervention is needed immediately.


Since most of the boring jobs can be done by machines and bots, you get a lot of space now for your talents to bloom. It’s a big and often underestimated opportunity to hire the most ambitious people who want to develop themselves and the company by doing more challenging tasks. 

Having a great human resources management system will allow you to coach, motivate and utilise your existing workers better for your and their satisfaction. But moreover, it will allow your team to work effectively from home, which many of them would prefer. 2020 has taught us a lot about the value and comfort of working remotely. DG might help with limiting the need for long distance travel for meetings and offer better transparency, so your employees can focus more on crucial tasks. 


As it was shown above, digital transformation is not only something worth considering, but it’s a need for any modern business. It’s the definition of constant improvement and it keeps you relevant on the market. Basically, if you don’t want to become obsolete, you cannot afford to use obsolete technology.

Author: Leszek Warzecha, Digital Marketing Specialist at ITSG Global 

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