Where to study IT in Poland

18 July 2022

Poland is considered one of the best destinations for people who want to study in Europe. It’s famous for the hospitality of people in general, its nice landscape, and relatively low prices compared to other countries within the EU. Because of the Bologna system and programs such as Erasmus, there is a possibility of beginning the educational journey in Poland but later mixing travel with studies and continuing in other countries.

Educational centers in Poland require to be constantly evaluated, which means the level of study is relatively equal providing the same diploma and comparable results. That being said, there are some universities that train the best of the best.

According to HackerRank ranking, one of the best coders in the world come from AGH in Cracow with this university coming 25 on the world ranking. That being said, Cracow is a great place to live in Poland – it’s a big city often visited by tourists and full of students. You will have no problems communicating in English.

Also, plenty of international IT companies and Cracow-based which makes it a place to stay for longer or at least get some experience in real-life work.

Other generally praised computer science universities in Poland include:

Warsaw University of Technology. Based in the capital of Poland and with approx. 5000 students apply every year. This University was also included in the prestigious Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Studies in 2020. More importantly, WUoT provides specific information for English speaking candidates, so Polish isn’t crucial for the recruitment process.

Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Another famous University in Poland, placed in the western part of the country, close to the border with Germany and Czech Republic. Once again it’s known for being an academic center and a popular tourist destination. Being a big city, it’s also filled with international companies who hire IT specialists. It provides all the necessary information for foreign students and Polish is not crucial. One of the most interesting courses is a specific course focused entirely on Big Data Analytics, which is currently a trend in IT.

Łódź University of Science. Another big city with future employment possibilities, close to Warsaw. Łódź University provides two second-degree full-time studies in English specifically, and those are Computer Science and Information Technology and Human-Computer Interaction programme. That said, Łódź is also considered an academic city, yet it’s cheaper to live in comparison to Warsaw, Kraków or Wrocław.

Gdańsk University of Technology. GUoT is placed close to the sea in beautiful surroundings. Gdańsk is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Poland and it’s an academic centre as well. Currently over 1000 international students from more than 80 countries study in Gdańsk. It’s the third best technical university in Poland, the second most popular among Polish candidates and was placed in the top 1000 universities in the world according to Shanghai Ranking. Once again – Gdańsk is known for having plenty of international companies offices over there, so finding a job offer is a nice bonus.

Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology. It’s a private university that provides a full-time master’s Computer Science programme carried in English. You can study in Warsaw, Gdańsk or Bytom, which is a smaller city close to Katowice in Silesia region of Poland. Candidates are required to have some knowledge about Relational Databases theories, Statistical Methods and basics of Programming as well as basics of Computer Networks.

Poland is known for having an opulence of Universities and Technical Schools, so together with other benefits of studying and living in Poland, it’s a great place to start or continue one’s journey with programming. In Poland it’s possible to gain a diploma and start one’s career simultaneously, which are two good reasons to consider a transfer.

Author: Leszek Warzecha, Digital Marketing Specialist at ITSG Global 

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